In A World Of Doing, You Just Need To Start

you just need to start
you just need to start

Everything in life has a start. The start to a week, the start to a book, the start of an adventure. Without starting, there is absolutely no chance of completing.

This is also true for everything that we want to achieve in life and what we want to get out of life itself. Everything that you want is already out there, and whatever it is that you want, you just need to start.

Nothing Changes Unless You Start.

Nowadays, it seems like all we want is the gratification of having completed our goals and fulfilling our desires without actually working towards them. We want to become happy and wealthy. We want to become rich and famous. We want to live a better life every day away from the pain that we currently feel.

What are we willing to do to actually achieve these desires, though? How hard are we willing to work in order to achieve the things that we want to achieve? What hardships are we willing to endure in order to achieve the success that we want?

Everything In Life Is Earned.

Hey, I am guilty of thinking this way as well. I have had to learn the hard way that nothing in life is ever going to be given. Whatever I want to achieve, whatever I dream of doing, I just simply need to start. Without starting, there is absolutely no chance that I will ever complete the things that I want to achieve.

My sisters have given me the nickname “Favorite.” Probably due to the fact that I am the baby of the family by six years. While I may have had my fair share of emotional struggles, though, I will be the first to admit that I have had life pretty damn good. I never lacked anything growing up, and I always had far more than what I needed.

This mentality had unfortunately carried over into my adult years. I thought that life would be easy, I thought that I would have everything handed to me on a silver platter, and I thought that the world would wait around for me.

What I didn’t expect, was how much I would actually have to work for the things that I want. Even the tiniest bit of progress in life was going to require more than what I was used to. But when there’s a will, there’s a way.

It is because of that will that I am here writing this today. It is because of that will that I am now living what is the best life that I have lived so far. It is because of that will that I have been able to cope with my mental illnesses and find happiness in my life again. It is because of that will that I am now turning all of my desires into my reality.

While it took me quite some time to find that sense of will, without finding that will and without starting to improve my life, nothing would have ever changed.

You Just Need To Start.

In order to make any progress in a world that is never going to slow down, you just need to start. Whatever it is that you want to do, whether it is starting your own business, going on an adventure, or just trying to find more purpose and meaning in your life, just know that you can. You can do anything just as long as you are willing to start.

There are millions of other individuals out there, individuals just like you and me, who are turning their desires into their reality. They don’t have any more talent than you and I, they don’t have life easier than you and I, and they don’t have any more ability than you and I. The reason that they are making a name for themselves is because they decided to start. They knew what they wanted to achieve in life and decided that it wasn’t worth it to wait around any longer.

The Time Is Now.

Unless you start to believe in yourself, and unless you take the initiative to even go after the things that you want in life, you are already determining your own reality without giving yourself the chance that you deserve. There is no complaining, there is no wishing, if you want something, you just need to start.

The time is now. Quit letting life pass you by and start making the most out of every single opportunity that you have in front of you. You will never get this moment again, so make the most of it, and remember that in a world of doing, you just need to start. That’s the only proven way that you will turn your desires into your reality.

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