You Are Not Your Failures

you are not your failures
you are not your failures

One daily reminder for you: you are not your failures.

Part of what I love about blogging is the fact that I can say what I want when I want. I don’t have to follow a script, I just simply listen to my thoughts and write. 

Right now, my thoughts are starting to go against me. All of these “what if’s” keep coming to my mind and have me questioning who I am as a person and what I am doing with my life.

What would have happened if I would have studied a different major in college? Would I have a job that pays me better? Why do I even have a job when all I want to do is travel, write, and simply enough, live in a van? All of these questions are followed by the most common question that I ask myself – how long until I am doing exactly what I want to be doing?  

I would be lying if I said that it didn’t take a toll on me mentally. When I feel like I am losing control, all of the struggles from my past arise. I find the urge to have control over something, so I control my food, my exercise, and my work. Surely these things will make me feel better, right? 

During stressful times like this, and it’s something that I have to constantly remind myself of as well, it’s important to remember that you are not your failures. You are not your past, you are not your weaknesses, and you are not any of your insecurities. You are you, and you are pretty damn amazing!

You Are Not Your Failures

Everybody experiences failure in life. I mean, if we didn’t, we truly aren’t trying enough. If we don’t experience failure, then we will never achieve any of our goals, any of our dreams, or any of our ambitions. 

But the past is the past. You and I, we are not the past. We are what we do from this point onwards, and how we choose to let any of the experiences from our past impact how we perceive our lives to be in the present. We can either allow our failures to consumer more of our lives than they already have, or we can choose to move past our failures and realize that every day is a new day to become the individual in which we want to be. 

How To Move Past Your Failures

With the emotions that have been passing through my mind recently, I have been forced to slow down and face these emotions head-on. I want to share with you 3 tips that I use when I am feeling like a failure. 

  1. Remember that failure is good. 

Again, failure means that you are trying. It means that you believe in the strength that you possess enough to the point where you are at least giving yourself the opportunity to succeed. Unfortunately, this is something that a lot of individuals aren’t willing to do. 

2. Realize that today is a new day.

Sure, your past might be filled with obstacles and heartache, but that doesn’t need to stop you from living the life that you want for yourself. The beautiful thing about life is that every day, you have an opportunity to create any life that you envision for yourself. 

      3.   Focus on all that you have achieved.

You may have experienced a lot of struggles along the way, but slow down a little bit and look back at all that you have achieved. No matter how much of a failure you may feel like, I promise you that you have achieved so much more in life than any of your failures could ever amount to. 

A New Day Brings A Fresh Start

We are going to do this together. While we may encounter obstacles and failure along the way, we are not going to let that stop us from living the life that we want to live. Every new day brings a fresh start – a start to create whatever life we want for ourselves. 

Slow down a little bit, acknowledge your emotions, move them to the side, take one step forward, and focus solely on doing whatever it takes to create the life that you want to live. 

Here’s to a new day and a fresh new start!

Michael Bonnell



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