Why Bad Things Happen To You

why bad things happen to you
why bad things happen to you

Do you want to know why bad things happen to you? Why if feels like the world is constantly going against you? Why no matter how hard you try, you just can’t make any headway in this game called life? If so, then this is for you. 

Why Bad Things Happen

When I was in the midst of my depression, my hope for ever living a “normal” life was slowly decreasing with every passing day. I felt as if I was trapped inside of a black hole that was only getting deeper and deeper. This is what I believed to be my new normal. 

Here’s what happened. The more time that I spent focusing on all that was bad in my life, the more depressed I became and the more frequently bad things started to happen. Or at least this is what I had assumed. There were very little that would ever bring me happiness or joy. 

For better use of words, I thought that I was screwed. My hope for actually living a good life was at an all-time low, my self-belief was seemingly nonexistent, and my tank of motivation was running bare dry. To make matters worse, I began to absolutely despise the person who I was forced to look at in the mirror. 

Life was getting incredibly difficult to live, and even more difficult to want to live. I had very little desire to get out of bed in the morning, I quit spending time with my family and friends, I quit enjoying activities that I once loved to do, and I completely quit taking any significant chances on myself. Instead, I decided to let my depression get the best of me and started focusing solely on my misfortunes. When you focus on something, well, then that’s what begins to consume your life. 

Bad Things Happen To Everyone

Looking back, I honestly can’t believe that I thought bad things were happening only to me. I can’t believe that I thought I was the subject to any and all the misfortune that goes on in the world. 

All throughout this time I was failing to realize something, something that would have saved me a lot of time, confusion, and heartache. I was failing to realize that bad things happen to everybody. The difference between others and myself, though, is that I was prioritizing all of the bad in my life and completely disregarding all of the good. 

Bad things happen to everybody. We all experience obstacles in life, the loss of loved ones, endless amounts of failure, and times where we have little hope or faith for what lies ahead. There is not one single person that is exempt from having to endure pain and struggle throughout the course of their life. But it’s when we focus on the bad that the bad becomes our life. 

The Key To Living A Good Life

If you want to change your life, then what you need to do, is start prioritizing the good instead of prioritizing the bad. Start being grateful for the things that you already have in life instead of thinking about what you lack. Start focusing on every little victory that you win instead of every little defeat that you encounter. 

Think about it, how many times do you feel as if you have the worst luck because you can never seem to make a green light. Man, if you hit one more red light, you are going to absolutely lose your mind. The truth is, you have a fifty-fifty chance of making the light, you just don’t recognize the times that you do make it, which is why it seems like you encounter red lights more often. You expect to make it, and when you expect one thing and that thing doesn’t pan out the way you imagined it to, that’s when you feel like your luck is terrible. 

Maybe you lose a job and wonder why everything is going wrong in your life. Again, it’s because you are failing to appreciate all that is going right. You are failing to appreciate the many paychecks that you were fortunate enough to get while you had a job, you are failing to appreciate the fact that you have the opportunity to go and get a new job, heck, you are failing to appreciate the fact that you are blessed enough to live and see a new day. 

Learn From My Mistakes

What I am trying to say is that we become what we focus on. When we focus solely on the bad, our lives will become just that. When we focus on the good and appreciate all that we already have in life, that good will eventually consume our thoughts outweigh the bad things that happen to us. 

Learn from my mistakes, if you want to change your life and have good things happen more often, then start by appreciating all of the good that already fills your life. Don’t expect to only experience the good in life, and don’t expect to only experience the bad. Instead, appreciate all that you have, be grateful, and be thankful. The more you recognize the amount of good that already fills your life, the more good things find their way to you.

Michael Bonnell



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