What Is Your Alternative?

what is your alternative

what is your alternative

Are you working hard every single day to create the life for yourself that you have always wanted to live? Are you taking advantage of every opportunity and following every single one of your dreams? If not, ask yourself something. What is your alternative?

Often times, we sell ourselves short before we even try to become the person that we want to be. When the going gets tough, well, we don’t even know what that feels like because we never get going. We simply give up on our dreams before we even wake up.

This isn’t how life was intended to be lived. Whatever it is that you want  in your life, go get it it. If you want to change your life, then work to change it. If you need some motivation to do, ask yourself what is your alternative? Why is it that you are not wanting to create the best possible life for yourself?

Tonight was an incredible night for me. As someone who faces a lot of anxiety, I made a big step in the right direction. For one night, I managed to push all of my anxiety and fears aside, and I managed to just be. Be a friend, be a fan, be a “foodie”, and be a human. Tonight, I went out with my friends, had a beer at the bar, and watched football. Tonight I simply lived, and it felt great.

It made me remember why it was that I started blogging in the first place.

I am not sharing my life to show the world that I have a perfect life, or to boast about how amazing I am as a person. In fact, I am sharing my life for the exact opposite reason. I am doing so to show others that we all experience struggles, but when we put our minds to something, and when we truly follow our dreams, then there is nothing that we can’t accomplish.

My goal is not to be perfect. Instead, I just want to be the best person that I can be. Not only do I want to motivate others to overcome obstacles in life by sharing some of the difficulties that I have faced, but I also want want to challenge myself. I want to challenge myself every single day to become the best human being that I can possibly be.

That is what my life is all about. And for me, there is no other alternative.

I choose to write my thoughts down for the world to see because I want the world to hold me accountable for what it is that I say. I choose to become the best that I can be because I want to inspire others. Basically, I am just choosing to live my best life, and I want to take the world along with me.

We all have one opportunity to live our best lives, so it’s time we start living it. What is our alternative? Living a miserable life until our time runs out? No thank you. I have done that for years and I have no desire to go back to that life. Neither should you.

So the next time that you contemplate on whether or not you chase your dreams, ask yourself what is your alternative. What is your alternative to living your best life? What is your alternative to following all of your dreams? And what is your alternative to living a life that you are proud to live?

Learn to believe in the incredible person that you are, follow your dreams with every bit of energy that you have, and live your best life. What is your alternative? Whatever it is, trust me. Your alternative will never be better than the life that you deserve to live, and the life that you have the opportunity to create.

Michael Bonnell



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