What I Learned From Waking Up At 5am

what I learned from waking up at 5am
what I learned from waking up at 5am

Daily Blog #254

There is this new trend that is going around. The trend that sounds something like;

If you want to be successful, then you need to wake up at 5am.

If you want to be more productive, then you need to wake up at 5am.

How waking up at 5am has forever changed my life.

Sounds familiar, right?

I have always wanted to know what it was like to wake up at 5am. Even if it wasn’t something that I enjoyed, I mainly just wanted to see if I actually enjoyed it, and be able to say that I at least tried it. But no matter how badly I wanted to wake up early, I could just never find the willpower to set my alarm. Every night that I would think about waking up early, I would look at my alarm, hover over 5am, and then change it to 7am before falling asleep.

To be completely honest, that is the time that my alarm was set for this morning. The only reason that I ended up waking up as early as I did, is because of a cold. It hurt to breathe, my sinuses were dry, and my mind was racing. I tried falling back asleep for the next fifteen minutes, but I was just too uncomfortable.

As I was lying there struggling to fall back asleep, I quickly realized that this was it – this was my opportunity to wake up at 5am, and see what all of the hype was about. Never in my life have I rolled out of bed faster. I jumped in the shower, threw some clothes on, and got ready for the day. The only thing is, I still had an hour and a half before I had to leave for work.

Within the next hour and a half I read two chapters of You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth, meditated for five minutes, spent some time blogging, and did some other work as well. These are all things that I try to do on a daily basis, but I often times find myself running out of time in the day.

But that’s just the thing. Because I woke up before the majority of others, I was on my own time. While I normally wake up at 7am to get ready for work, today was different. I had two hours before I had to leave for work, and two hours of uninterrupted time to be as productive as I could possibly be.

All of the large tasks that I normally try to squeeze into my day had all of a sudden been accomplished in that hour and a half where I would normally be sleeping. Nobody was calling me, I was not checking my emails, there wasn’t anything that was distracting my thoughts, and overall, I was just able to think more clearly. It was just about focusing on me, and completing the things that I wanted to accomplish.

Even better, I proved to myself that I can really do anything that I set my mind to. I did something that I never thought that I was capable of doing. Even if that something is as seemingly small as waking up at 5am, I proved that I can do it. If I can find the strength to get myself out of bed instead of throwing the covers over me and hitting the snooze button, you better believe that I can and will achieve anything else that I set my mind to.

While I am not going to commit to waking up this early every single day, I do actually understand all of the hype around waking up at 5am. Not only was I able to accomplish a lot in those two hours, but I honestly feel more energized (probably running on fumes), I can now go home after work without having to feel like I am behind on the day, and I will get to spend more quality time with my family. I have the rest of the day to do whatever the heck I want to do. Now that’s what I call winning.

If you are on the fence about waking up at 5am, my best recommendation for you would be to just go for it. Maybe you like it, maybe you don’t. But if you try, then you will never know. Challenge yourself, break out of your comfort zone, and strive to be the best version of you that you can be each and every single day.

Michael Bonnell



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