What I AM Going To Achieve In 2019

what i am going to achieve in 2019
what i am going to achieve in 2019

Daily Blog #246

I was thinking about titling this post What I Want To Accomplish In 2019, but something about that title didn’t just sit right with me. After thinking about why that title wasn’t sitting well with me, I realized that it is because instead of what it is that I want to accomplish, it would be more fitting to say what I AM going to accomplish.

Yes, I firmly believe that I will accomplish all of my goals in 2019. And I chose to use the word “goals” instead of “resolutions” because resolutions are beliefs that we set for ourselves with very little planning. Goals, however, can be broken down piece by piece, and in my personal opinion, are much more attainable to achieve. That’s just my thinking.

Anyhow, here are 10 goals that I AM going to achieve in 2019.

1. Be my own boss

First of all, I want to mention how incredibly blessed I am to have the job that I do. In fact, I may even go as far to say that I love my job. But at the same time, I also want to challenge myself and fulfill my own dreams instead of working towards the dreams of others.

2. Travel to at least 5 destinations

Traveling is one of the things that I love the most. New cities, old cities, it doesn’t really matter to me. There is this sense of freedom that I feel when I am traveling, almost as if there is absolutely zero stress in my life.

So, this year, I want to travel to at least five destinations. And I don’t want these destinations to be close to where I live. I want to pack up, fly, and put myself into a different environment than I am used to.

3. Have a house/condo of my own

Can’t believe I am saying this, but I think I have got to the point in my life where I would enjoy having a place to call my own home. I don’t need a mansion, I don’t need something brand new, just a place where I can sleep and call my home.

4. Gather Courage

This one is a little awkward for me to talk about, but I am not really the type of person who goes out with friends too much, goes on dates, or really even talks to strangers. This year, I want to change that. I want to meet new people, I want to create new friendships, and yes, I want to gather the courage to start dating.

5. Continue to blog daily

Yep, I have become addicted to blogging and to writing in general. It has just become something that makes me happy. I am able to express my emotions, share what I am thinking, and just be myself. All while being able to do it for more than just myself.

6. Pay to take my parents on a vacation

Well, I have already said that I love traveling, and so too do my parents. As a child, I have been far beyond blessed, not only for the things that I have been given, but more so for the parents that raised me. My parents are my best friends, and I have absolutely zero hesitation in admitting that.

As a token of my gratitude for all that they have done for me, I want to take them on a vacation, and pay for everything. Airfare, hotel, food, ect. Because even with doing so, it is still only a fraction of what they have done for me.

7. Podcast twice a week

You heard it here first, I want to podcast twice a week. I was thinking about doing it more often, but another one of my goals is to experience life more, and I realized that with daily blogging, daily podcasting might be excessive. I want to find that good balance in my life, and will just see where it goes from there.

8. Experience life more

Traveling, making new friendships, trying new things, going to bars with friends. I don’t care what it is, I just want to do it. I want to be able to look back on my life, and be proud of myself for experiencing all of the beautiful treasures that life has to offer.

9. Read a book a month

Some might say this is a lot (me two weeks ago), and some might say that this is not enough. But again, I want to find that balance and prevent myself from getting burned out.

One book a month seems like a realist goal to achieve, and also a goal that doesn’t seem to be overdoing it. I just want to be able to take my time, not feel rushed, and enjoy the book of my choice.

10. Continue to love myself more each day

I saved the best for last. This year has been full of so many high moments in my life. I have started to love myself more than I could have ever imagined, I have started to believe in myself, and I have started to challenge myself to achieve my dreams.

Because of this, I have found new passions, new hobbies, have created new friendships, and have enjoyed many new experiences. These are all things that I am beyond grateful for, and all things that I am proud to have done.

In looking back, 2018 was by far the best year of my life. I went into the year with a negative mindset, and sought change midway through. Because I have seen what I am capable of accomplishing in seven months, I know that I will accomplish even more in twelve. Bring on 2019, and let’s crush it!

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