What Does It Mean To Be Free In Life?

What Does It Mean To Be Free

What Does It Mean To Be Free

What does it mean to be free & how can we embrace our freedom?

Imagine living in a place where you have all of the freedom that you could possibly want? Imagine living in a place where you have access to clean water, good foods, a place to sleep, and oh yeah, we can’t forget about a free education. If you are reading this, odds are that you do have access to all of these and more. I mean you obviously have access to a computer and internet, something that many in this world don’t have. You have everything in life that you need to be free, but few of us actually see it that way. So what does it mean to be free? Are you truly living a life of freedom?

Believe it or not, you are only 20% of the world that has access to the “basic necessities” in life. Talk about a true blessing in disguise. Sadly enough, while we take these for granted, the majority of the world is struggling to obtain more than one of these luxuries. Yes, I believe that what we see as necessities in our life are actually luxuries. It doesn’t just end there.

The freedom that I am referring to is more than having access to food, water, shelter, and education. The freedom that I am referring to is the ability to be whoever you want to be and do whatever you want to do in your life. When it comes to pursuing our dreams and aspirations, the amount of restrictions that all of us face are miniscule, if existent at all. Everyday that you and I wake up, we have the opportunity to pursue our hobbies and interests without anyone else’s approval.

The only thing that stands in the way of you and achieving your dreams, is the desire and effort that you are willing to put forward. Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Do you want to start a family? Maybe you want to pursue your passion to be a professional athlete. Then go out there and do it. You have every opportunity to succeed at the tips of your fingers. Literally. All of these things are possible if you believe in yourself and work as hard as you can. No matter what your interest and passion might be, you have the freedom to pursue it. You are the only person that has the ability to achieve your specific dreams. You are the only person that can tell yourself no in life.

The time to embrace your freedom is now. Every single second that ticks by from here on out is time that you could be spending pursuing your dreams and turning them into a reality. Instead of trying to find an excuse for why you can’t embrace your freedom and follow your dreams, just go after them. You literally have every single opportunity in front of you to create your own destiny.

When you are living a life of freedom, you are living for yourself and living to be the unique person that you are. It doesn’t matter what others think about you, it doesn’t matter what others do in life, the only thing that matters is you. When you are free from emotions and self-doubt, you will find your true purpose in life, and you will start to appreciate the little things in life. Instead of worrying about the things that might be missing in life, you will see everything that you have as the true blessing that it is.

At then end of your life, the only thing that you are going to regret is not doing more. You aren’t going to look back and regret the decision you made to pursue your goals. You will, however, look back and regret the excuses you made for why you could never achieve your dreams. In front of you, you have an opportunity that six billion others wish that they had. You have the freedom and luxury to create your own future, and you have the freedom and luxury to be whoever you want to be in life. That is what it means to be free.  

Michael Bonnell



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