What Can You Accomplish In A Year?

what can you accomplish in a year
what can you accomplish in a year

Daily Blog #247

It is officially 2019, and I have to be completely honest, I have never been this excited to ring in a new year. Believe me when I say this, 2019 is not only going to be my year, it is not only going to be your year, but it is going to be OUR year. For the record, I actually do believe this, because in seeing how much I have grown over the last year, I know that I am capable of growing even more over the next year. And so are you!

I want you to do something. Reflect back on the last year of your life. January 2nd, 2018. Try to remember where you were, what you were doing, and where you were at in life. Now, look back on this morning. Reflect on the places you were, what it is that  you were doing, and where it is that you are at in your life? Probably a lot different than where you were a year ago, am I right?

I remember just over a year ago, I made my first “real” adult purchase and bought a car. I walked into the dealership, my hands were sweating, and my legs were shaking. Honestly, I felt like a scared little boy who was about to sign his entire life away.

Since then, I have decided that the process of buying a car is too much fun, and I traded in the one that I bought, and bought a different one. I knew what I wanted, I set aside the majority of the fears that were stirring through my mind, and I told myself to just go for it. Why wait for something you want, when what you want is right in front of you?  

What I want you to see, is how much your life can change over the course of just one year. I want you to be able to look back on the last year, see how much you have grown in life, and then have the confidence in yourself that you are only going to do bigger and greater things in the next year to come.

I went from believing that I was not worthy enough of buying a new car, to nearly walking out of the dealership the first time out of fear, to becoming somewhat of a car buying expert. All of this over the course of just seven months. I went twenty-five years without having to buy a car to buying two in well under a year. While it’s not something that I am necessarily proud of, I have learned that it is what it is.  

In looking back, the experience of buying a new car was honestly the scariest experience of my life, or so it seemed at the time. There were so many doubts running through my mind, so many questions on how I was going to pay it off, and so many negative thoughts that I didn’t deserve to buy a new car. Now, here I am twelve months later, having bought another car, and being able to look back on the scared person that I was, and chuckle.

The thing is, we never really know what we are capable of achieving over the course of a year. When we want something in life, we generally set goals that we want to achieve in a week, or in a month. Well, when we don’t achieve these goals, we oftentimes quit and give up on ourselves.

But ask yourself something. Ask yourself how different your life might be right now if you didn’t give up on yourself. Would you be closer to your dreams? Would you be happier in life? Would you be doing the things that you want to be doing? If you give up on yourself, you will never know the answer. So don’t give up. Believe in yourself, and give yourself every opportunity to succeed.

If you follow your dreams for a year, there is no doubt in my mind that your dreams will become your reality. New Year’s resolutions were not meant to be achieved in one week, or even in one month, hence the Year in New Year’s resolutions. Stay true to the changes that you want to make, believe in all that you are capable of achieving, and never give up on yourself. Trust me, in a year from now, you will be thanking yourself for never giving up.

This is it. 2019 is going to be the year where you and I show what we are truly capable of achieving. It’s time to turn I can’t into I can. It’s time to turn I’m not into I am. And it is time to turn I won’t into I will. I believe that in the next year, we are going to achieve greatness, and we are going to be happier than we have ever been before. Let’s follow our dreams, and let’s live our best lives.

Michael Bonnell



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