We Get In Life What We Tolerate

we get in life what we tolerate
we get in life what we tolerate

Daily Blog #277

What we get in life exactly what we are willing to tolerate. Nothing more, and nothing less. Whatever we have in our life is what we tolerate ourselves to have. Wherever we are in life stems from where we tolerate ourselves to be. We think, we act, and we behave the way that we do because we give ourselves permission to do so.

Now, if we want more out of life, if we want to change in some way or another, or if we simply want to feel more fulfilled, then only we have the ability to do so. The resolution to do so is actually a lot easier than some might think. We just need to be willing to tolerate less of the things that don’t benefit us in order to get more of the things that we want.

I am not one to say that life sucks. While there was a period of time where I didn’t necessarily like the life that I was living, I realized that if I wanted to improve my quality of life, then only I had the ability to do so. Nobody else was going to make my life better for me. Everybody already has their own life to deal with. So if I wanted to achieve my dreams, and if I wanted to live a better life, then I had to accept the fact that all of the responsibility to do so fell on me.

Think about it. Think about the problems that you are experiencing in your life. The negative emotions, the broken relationships, and all of the other things that are darkening your happiness. I know it isn’t fun to think about them, but if it isn’t fun for you to think about them, then why do you tolerate them?

Maybe you dislike your job. Maybe you are tired of waking up everyday with the same morning routine only to go to that job that you dislike. You might even be growing tired of getting winded walking up a flight of stairs. Whatever your struggle might be, change it. Find a new job. Start doing new things throughout the day to break out of old habits. Workout for even as little as thirty minutes to get in shape. You have more say in what you are doing with your life than you give yourself credit for.

Take complaining for example. I used to be known as somewhat of a complainer. Okay, not somewhat of a complainer. I complained a lot. It got to the point where nothing that came out of my mouth was ever positive. My family grew tired of it, my friends grew tired of it, and I grew tired of it. But no matter how much I complained, I wouldn’t stop. The reason that I wouldn’t stop, is because I wasn’t willing to stop.

People would often tell me the same thing that I am telling you today. If you don’t like something, then change it. But instead of listening to others when I was told this, I would give them a snarky glare and disregard everything that they had just said. It was never that easy. Things are going to happen whether we like it or not.

The good news is, though, that isn’t always true. More often than not we do have a say in what happens to us. And in the rare occasion where situations happen that are out of our control, we have the ability to determine how that situation impacts us moving forward. We can either tolerate the negatives to impact our lives in a negative manner, or we can focus more on the things that we want to live to attract the life that we want to live. And that’s exactly what I was forced to do.

The thing is, if you aren’t willing to change the situation that you are in, then you have chosen the life that you are going to live. If you remain stuck in that job that you hate, the relationships that you are in, or the way that you feel, it is only because you tolerate yourself to remain in that same situation. If you venture out, achieve your goals, create a lifetime full of new experiences and opportunities, it is because you have decided to tolerate less, and surround yourself with what it is that you want to become. It sounds a lot better than the alternative, doesn’t it.

Before you try to make an excuse, or before you say that you can’t do something, know that by doing so, you are only getting in your own way. Everytime that you try to deflect responsibility for your current situation, you are only accepting the state that you are currently in, and tolerating a life of mediocrity. I will be the first to say that you are worth much more than mediocre.

In the end, your life is your life and you have to do with it how you see fit. But you deserve nothing but happiness and a life full of success. If you aren’t where you want to be in life, remember that you always have the ability to change your current situation, and you are in control of your own life. Be the change that you wish to see, and be all that you dream to be.

Michael Bonnell



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