Want To or Need To: How To Make Decisions

want to or need to

want to or need to

Do you dream because you want to or need to?

Everyday that we wake up, we are immediately flooded with choices that we have to make decisions on. Do we get up for work, do we stay home and hit the snooze button, what do we wear to work, what do we grab for breakfast? You get the idea. All of this and we have only been up for five minutes. While some of these decisions might be more drastic than others, and while some may come with consequences, the choice is ultimately ours to make. We can solve these choices by asking ourselves one simple question. Do we want to or need to?

When I was growing up, I used to push a lot of boundaries. Decision making was never and has never really been one of my strong-suits in life. Mainly because I just like seeing how much I can get away with. Everytime that I would mess up, my dad would always question my reasonings. He would ask me if it was because I wanted to or needed to? I never really knew how to answer this question. It always seemed like the answer had to be one or the other. Well, what if it doesn’t? What if the answer is because we both want to and need to?

Trying to motivate others has quickly become a main focus and hobby in my life. It is what I spend most of my free time doing, and it is something that I have truly become passionate about. How do I see myself doing this? By blogging and publishing motivational and inspiration content on a daily basis.

The thought of blogging is not necessarily what motivates me. What motivates me is the fact that I have an opportunity to spread a positive message to people all around the world. If I can help just one person and maybe give them a sense of inspiration, then the countless hours that I spend following my passion will be worth it. My calling and purpose in life is to help others find their strength and to help them grow as individuals. I want others to see what a blessing life truly is no matter how difficult the times may be. If that “want” means spending hours trying to spread a message, then so be it. It is something that I want to do, so it is something that I am going to pursue.

Now here is the part where I start to get a little selfish in my reasoning for spreading motivation and blogging. In some of my previous posts I have talked about my battle with depression, an eating disorder, and social anxiety. Being a young male, I have always had this thought in my head that I needed to be stronger than everyone else. I couldn’t let others see the weaknesses inside of me. While we all face our own struggles, I felt that I had to hide mine to avoid the judgement of my peers. Instead of living my life, I simply kept to myself so that nobody would see what I was truly feeling.

Aside from talking with my family, I never felt that I had a quality outlet to express my emotions. After years of facing my own struggles, I grew tired of placing my negativity onto my family and even more tired of keeping my emotions bottled up. The time came and I decided to take up writing. More specifically, I decided to create a blog.

The more that I started to write, the better I felt. I was finally starting to like myself again and I finally felt worthy. Not only was I writing to fulfil my passion in helping others to live with more motivation and inspiration, but I finally found an outlet where I could express my emotions without the fear of being judged. I can simply write whatever I am thinking, and I really don’t care who sees it. It just feels good.

There is not a day that goes by where I don’t write something. After bottling up emotions for five plus years, I don’t want to keep them locked away for even one more day. How do I release them? By writing. So while I write because I want to help others, I also write because I need to express who I am as an individual. While some might think that every decision in life has to come down to either one option or another, I write on a daily basis because I both want to and because I need to. So quit trying to overthink things in life. Accept your decision for what they are and always stand by your intuition. Follow your dreams and live your life because you both want to and need to, not one or the other.

Michael Bonnell



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