Trickle-Down Effect of Kindness: How One Act of Kindness Can Impact the Lives of Many

trickle-down effect of kindness
trickle-down effect of kindness
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There are fewer things in life that are neater than others following in your footsteps. Not saying that I am a trendsetter, a role model, or anything like that. Rather, I am just a man on a mission to change the world for the better and inspire as many others to do the same. Whether or not others decide to follow suit is completely and entirely up to them.

Now, I know that being kind is something that we all do, at least from time-to-time, but how much of it is actually intentional? How often do you walk around with the intention of helping others? How often do you say to yourself ‘I’m going to do something kind today in hopes that it may help to change a life.’

A few days ago, this is exactly what happened. And it wasn’t me that showed kindness. It was actually somebody whom I look up to. 

Learning From Your Mistakes 

A few days ago, I wrote a post called How To Learn From Your Mistakes Instead Of Regretting Them. In the post, I talked about how I was at a gas station and noticed a lady whose card kept declining. She wasn’t able to pay for her gas, and instead of helping her out, I simply left.

I felt guilty as I pulled out of the gas station for not helping her, but for some reason, I never turned back. While I wish I would have done things differently, I also see it as an opportunity to learn from my mistakes and have tried to be just that much better of a person since. 

How One Act of Kindness Can Impact Many

For the last four years, I have worked for one of the largest health and fitness companies in the US. Not only does each facility have a workout area, but there is also a cafe, a spa, a pool, even a massage therapist. I mean, this place is like the pinnacle of the health and fitness industry. 

For referring friends and family, part of the benefit is that you get money to spend in the club. Since I am leaving my job and transitioning to a new company, I had a lot of money that needed to be spent before it went to waste. 

My sister wanted to get her hair done and so I offered to give her some of my money to help cover the cost. Well, last night as she called me from the salon, I just told her to go ahead and use all of the money that was sitting on my membership. 

With the money on my membership and a gift card that she had, she didn’t have to pay anything – or at least paid very little.

After her appointment, she called me to thank me for letting her use all of the referral money on the membership. She told me that she wanted me to know that she read my post about the lady at the gas station, and she wanted me to know that my kindness and generosity inspired her to give back as well. 

trickle-down effect of kindness

Spread Kindness Everywhere You Go

While my sister was getting her hair done, she began to get into a conversation with her stylist. Her stylist had said that her husband had just taken the Bar Exam (an exam required to take in order to become a lawyer), but had failed. This meant that he wasn’t able to find a job as a lawyer and now the stylist and her husband were relying solely on her income. 

This inspired my sister to pay it forward and to give back. 

As she was paying for her hair, she used the $100 of referral money that I had on my membership along with her $50 gift card, again, meaning she paid very little. 

But that didn’t stop her from ringing up the bill. She told me that she had been inspired by my blog post and wanted to give back to somebody who was in need, so she left her stylist an incredibly large tip. 

Now, when she called me, I was in the middle of an NSYNC jam session on my way home from work, but my mood suddenly shifted. I went from being incredibly energetic to being humbled and full of gratitude. 

There was this emotion that fell over me when my sister told me that it was my generosity towards others (or lack of in the case) that had inspired her to go out of her way and give back to others in need. And for somebody who is trying to inspire as much change as possible in the world, this is probably the greatest compliment that I could have received. 

Trickle-Down Effect of Kindness

It’s crazy for me to sit here and think that something I did influenced somebody else to do something kind for another person. And who knows what this stylist does in return. Maybe she doesn’t do anything, but maybe she was touched by this act of generosity and gives back to somebody else in a way that she sees fit. The possibilities truly are endless. 

The point is, you never know how far your act of kindness may go. Maybe it stops with the person you are kind to, or maybe it becomes a trickle-down effect of kindness and it gets passed on from person to person. 

Unless you make it a priority to spread kindness though, you are never going to know. 

Final Thoughts

Kindness is something that is often overlooked. We forget the importance of kindness, the power that it has, and the impact that it can create on more lives than just your own. 

I want to encourage you today to slow down for a second and spread kindness into the lives of others. However you see fit is completely and entirely up to you. The point is to just do something kind for somebody else because you never know who may need an act of kindness to help turn their day around, or potentially even their life.

Michael Bonnell

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