How To Train Yourself To Be More Creative When You Hit A Creative Block

train yourself to be more creative
train yourself to be more creative
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Sometimes it’s just flat out challenging to find any ounce of creativity in your bones. If you are somebody who relies on their creativity for their job or career, you know all too well how frustrating it can be once you feel like you have hit a wall. Despite thinking long and hard, you have hit that block. 

Maybe you are somebody who is hesitant to start something new because it requires you to be creative. Maybe you have wanted to start a daily blog, a Facebook page for your business, or a business in and of itself but are reluctant to do so because you don’t think that you have the creative side for it. 

Regardless, I think it’s safe to say that creativity is something that we all struggle with from time to time. As somebody who has challenged themself to write daily – and who has been doing so successfully for 600 days – I will admit that I have found myself in somewhat of a “creative slump” here recently. 

For me, not being able to feel as creative as I have felt in the past has left me frustrated and somewhat anxious. The more that I feel these two emotions, the more they take control our every creative bone in my body and the more that these emotions build in strength.

The good news is that creativity isn’t something that will be gone or lost forever. Just because one is born with a more creative mind than others doesn’t mean that they will never experience a creative block. Likewise, just because one isn’t as creative as a kid doesn’t mean that they will never be creative. 

Life, in every aspect, is about growing. It’s about developing the skill sets that you already possess as well as growing the ones that you may lack. Just as you can learn techniques for how to improve your mind, how to improve your memory, and how to improve relatively any area of your life, you can also learn techniques that will help you to be more creative as well when you are experiencing a block. 

Alright, just to be completely open and honest, I will admit that I am still experiencing somewhat of a creative block. At the same time though, I feel as if I am on the tail-end of it and I want to share with you some of the things that have helped me to overcome my creative block.

1. Fuel your mind.

How do you grow any muscle in your body? You exercise, right? Well, just like any muscle in your arms or in your legs, your brain is a muscle that will grow when it is exercised on a regular basis. 

As somebody who writes on a daily basis, my best advice would be to consume as much information as you can. Whether it is from reading more books, listening to podcasts, or even watching informative YouTube videos, fuel your mind so that it will grow. 

Don’t forget to rest your brain though when it is being overworked. You don’t go into the gym and lift weights for 45 minutes without taking a break. If you tried, you probably wouldn’t make it more than five minutes before your arms felt like falling off. When your brain is under constant tension, give it a break so that it can repair itself just like the muscles in your body. 

2. Be open to new ideas. 

Another reason why it’s a good idea to consume as much information as you possibly can is because it can help lead to new ideas. Imagine if you just stopped learning. As of this moment on, you would never take in any new information, see anything that you haven’t seen, or experience anything that you haven’t yet experienced. Of course you would feel like you hit a creative block after a short amount of time.

I am personally somebody who loves to consume the content of others as much as I can. It gets me to think in a different way and it challenges me to reflect on my thoughts. In some cases, being open to new ideas has helped me to see things in a whole new light to the point where my beliefs are influenced as a result. 

3. See it as a sign to venture out.

When you hit a creative block, one of the reasons could be because you aren’t doing enough. I am a person of habit, and sometimes I find myself stuck in the same habit. Since I am not consuming anything new or creating new experiences, my brain isn’t growing because it isn’t being tested and challenged. 

The next time that you find yourself stuck in a creative block, see it as a sign to venture out and do more. Go out and create new experiences. Challenge yourself to stray outside of your comfort zone. Live your life and create as many experiences as you possibly can. 

4. Think about past experiences.

It can also help to think about past experiences as well. A lot of what I write about is past experiences, what I have learned from these experiences, some of the things that I would have done differently, and how I have grown as an individual as a result of these past experiences. 

No one person is the same. Your past is not the same as anybody else’s. There are experiences that you have gone through that nobody else has. There are thoughts and beliefs that you have experienced that others have not. And there are situations that you have experienced in which your perception is going to be different than anybody else’s. 

If you are feeling like you are stuck in a creative rut that you can’t seem to break out of, reflect back on some of your past experiences. What did you learn? What would you have done differently? How have you grown as a person as a result of it? In doing so, you will almost always trigger an idea.

5. Ask more questions. 

Don’t be afraid to ask more questions. When you fail to ask questions, you are only seeing life through your own perception. Your thoughts become subjective, one-sided, and you become narrow-minded. But when you ask questions and learn to ask others for help, you are able to see the world through more lenses than just your own. 

Just because you ask questions doesn’t mean that you are right or wrong, or that others are right or wrong. It’s just more about being a student of life, seeing life from all different angles, and growing on the knowledge that you already hold. 

6. Create a place free of distractions. 

Have you ever noticed how stressed you get when you walk into a room that is messy, cluttered, noisy, and just one where there are distractions everywhere you look? It gets to be incredibly difficult to think about much of anything. That’s because when the space around you is full of clutter, so too is your mind.

Now, I am not the most organized individual on the face of the planet, but I am more organized than I used to be. Having a space that is more organized and filled with less clutter also helps the mind to become less cluttered. The less cluttered our minds are, the better chance there is of ideas coming to our minds naturally. 

So, a piece of advice, cultivate a place for creativity. Cultivate a place that allows you to think freely and openly. 

7. Jump in and challenge the unknown.

The best thing that you can do for yourself is to just jump into life and challenge the unknown. There are going to be times where nothing seems to work, where you are in a constant creative rut, and when you are going to fail. The only way to grow in life, though, is to challenge yourself and to learn as much as you can. 

Creativity comes to those who are open to new ideas, those who seek new opportunities, and to those who are willing to venture out and challenge the status quo. Don’t be afraid to live that life. In fact, strive to live that life. I assure you that when you jump into life and challenge the unknown, you will see the world in a different and more meaningful way than you would have otherwise. 

Apply these ideas if you have hit a creative block and see if they work for you. Also, let me know some of the things that you do when you hit a creative block.

Michael Bonnell

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