How To Make Big Changes With Tiny Leaps

tiny leaps big changes
tiny leaps big changes

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Tiny Leaps Big Changes Book Review

“Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to get started on something? How, no matter how badly you might want it, it feels impossible to get moving? But then once you do start, it suddenly feels easier and easier to keep things moving in the right direction and progressing?”

I have been following Gregg Clunis for about a year now. When I first started following him, I was new to the whole “self-help” world. I was at a point in my life where I wasn’t happy with the person that I was, and I knew that I needed a change. Somehow, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon his podcast Tiny Leaps Big Changes.

Every day since then, his podcasts have been playing constantly. It isn’t the fact that his podcast transformed my life overnight. It’s the fact that he gives you the answer you probably don’t want to hear – tiny leaps lead to big changes. Nothing worth having is going to come quickly, and it definitely won’t come easily.

When Clunis came out with the book Tiny Leaps Big Changes, I knew that I had to get a copy of it immediately. With that said, I am definitely glad that I did. The book is filled with strategies that any of us can use every day to start achieving more of the things that we desire. And the best part is, it isn’t back-breaking work. In fact, it starts with a tiny leap.

One of the reasons that I enjoyed reading this book was for the fact that it inadvertently calls the reader out. How many of us want things to change in our lives? I know I do! And the truth is, you and I can change our lives. Only we have the ability to create the change that we wish to see in our life, and all we have to do is to be willing to work for that change. That is something that Clunis does an excellent job in helping the reader to understand.

Tiny Leaps Big Changes is broken down into three parts.

Part 1: How to Change Your Life

In this part of the book, you will learn how to change your life. From strategies such as The Six Stages of Personal Change, how to figure out what it is that you truly want in life, how to set S.M.A.R.T goals, all the way to my favorite strategy, how to find and follow your why.

Again, none of this is mind-blowing information, but it is information that a lot of us are willing to overlook. When we want to find a solution to creating the life that we have never had, we think that the answers have to be something miraculous that we have never heard before. This is not the case. When we want to create a life that we dream of living, we should simply focus on strategies that we know will lead to success, and slowly start implementing them into our life.

Part 2: Why We Get Stuck

Despite wanting to live a better life, many individuals experience one hiccup or can’t find that spark of motivation that they need to start doing, and what do they do? They give up and go back to old, more comfortable habits. Here’s the deal, change sucks. No matter who you are, change is going to cause some amount of fear. But if you desperately want the life that you have never had, is giving up really going to help you get any closer to living that life?

This part of the book contains tips on how to stop procrastination, how to start doing the things that you know you should be doing, how to start taking action towards the life that you want to be living, and then the part that pertains to everybody, The Four Sins of Personal Development.

Part 3: How To Keep Moving Forward

This was my favorite part of the book. After figuring out how to actually achieve the life that you desire living, it’s time to put all that knowledge to the test. No more excuses, no more blaming life for your circumstances, it’s just you and your goals.

From strategies on how to choose your standards, learning to fail your way forward, to finding hope in your life, Clunis truly saved the best part for last. I read the entire part in one sitting, and it finished with an ending that nearly left me in tears. It isn’t just about giving advice and telling the reader to go do it. It’s about being real and authentic. That’s something that I have always admired about Clunis, and it’s something that is on full display during this part of the book.

Concluding Thoughts:

I will be the first to say that a lot of self-help content is boring to consume. Were there some parts in the book where I found my mind starting to think about other things? Sure, that happens with every book that I read. But overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The information isn’t rocket science, and Clunis does a great job of helping all of us implement these strategies into our own lives.

This book isn’t just about tips and tricks. It’s about getting personal, getting emotional, and getting quality insight on what you can do to start creating the life you want to live from somebody who has practiced what they preach. It’s not going to be easy, but if you want to live the life you dream of living, you at least need to be willing to start. And remember, it’s the tiny leaps that lead to big changes.

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