The Best Time To Be Kind? How About Now – 100 Random Acts of Kindness (Day 5)

time to be kind
time to be kind
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One of the perks about my job is that I have the ability to help people save money to continue to pursue their goals. By saving money, sometimes I am able to help and save them upwards of $500 to $600. 

It sounds nice, but it’s also a business. If I can help save money for people up front, then my hope is that they will remain a customer of the company that I employed by for a longer period of time. If I do my job correctly, then hopefully the company in which I work for will make more money on the backend. 

But any time you talk about money, you are always going to have some individuals who are going to get frustrated. These are the people who expect everything for free, who expect their goals to be magically fulfilled over time, and who hate the idea of ever having to build something meaningful from the ground up. Sure, it would be nice to get everything for free, but that’s not the way the world revolves. 

After dealing with a few frustrated customers yesterday, I just wanted to help somebody. I didn’t care whether the person actually needed help or not, if they were going to show kindness towards me, then I was going to show kindness towards them. 

The last customer that I worked with before heading out of the office happened to be that kind-hearted soul that I was hoping to speak to. 

I don’t know how much detail I can go into about my job simply for legality purposes, so I am unfortunately going to keep this vague, but also try to make it as meaningful as possible.

The conversation started out like any ordinary conversation – she thought there had been a mistake made on our end. In some cases, there are mistakes made on our end, but after going over the billing with this customer and where the charges had come from, this customer had realized that everything was correct. 

In an upbeat and energetic tone, she thanked me for helping her understand everything with as much professionalism as I had. She told me that I had solved all of her questions and that she was really glad that we talked. 

This is exactly what I needed to hear. Not for the sake of my own ego, but so that I could continue to go try and go above and beyond for this customer. It is customers like her that make my job meaningful and worthy. 

After getting everything situated with her account, I told her that I wanted to further assist her. The type of accounts that I work with are mostly recurrent memberships. Expensive recurrent memberships… 

I knew that I wanted to try and make this customer’s day as she had helped to brighten mine, so I told her that I was going to give her the next month of her membership entirely free. She was not going to be billed and it’s the least I could do for how kind this customer was through the twenty-minute conversation. 

I don’t know what it was about her, but I had this feeling that she needed it. 

As I told her this, I kid you not, she started tearing up. She couldn’t believe that I was going to essentially “gift” her a few hundred dollars towards something she was going to continue with regardless. 

What came next, though, is what assured me that I made the right choice. 

She told me that she feared having the conversation with me in the first place. She had assumed that I wasn’t going to try and help her during her time of need.

Without asking what she meant by this, she told me that her mother had just passed away a few weeks ago, and because of this, she had been traveling and covering funeral costs. She told me that I didn’t know how much of an impact I had just made by assisting her in the way that I had. At the time, she was right… I didn’t know.

As she was telling me about the challenges she had been facing, I began to get goosebumps. I didn’t know at the time what this customer was going through, all I knew is that I wanted to help.

As it turns out, I couldn’t have helped a better person. Despite what this customer was going through, she had shown me the utmost respect and care, and it was because of that, that I knew I wanted to do the same. You want to talk about strength? How about being able to treat someone with respect after losing a loved one. If I were in her shoes, I don’t know how I would have reacted.

The point is, when it comes to kindness and going out of your way for others, it’s always the right time to be kind. You simply never know when people are going through a difficult time, when they need that little “pick-me-up,” or when you can help to create a meaningful impact in somebody else’s life. You just have to do it, because if you never do it, you will simply never know. 

The conversation with this customer helped to put a smile on my face as well. Not only did I know that I was doing good for somebody who I didn’t know even needed it at the time, but she also helped to reiterate my belief that good things happen to good people. She had been a pleasure to work with, and because of that, I was able to bring some amount of happiness and relief to her life during a difficult time. 

The point of this all: it’s always the right time to be kind. Don’t wait for somebody else to show kindness first. Be the person you would want to impact your life, extend a hand to somebody who you feel may need it, and just be kind. The kinder you are to others, the more kindness those others will show towards you.

Michael Bonnell

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