This Is Your Time To Shine

this is your time to shine

this is your time to shine

Are you ready to shine?

This very moment right now, this is your time to shine. Not tomorrow, not in a month, not in a year, but right now. Realize that you have every ability to create the life that you have always dreamed of. You are stronger than you give yourself credit for, capable of achieving greatness, and deserving of accomplishing ever last one of your dreams. You just need to be willing to follow them.

I am not going to lie, I am somewhat of a weird person. By weird, I mean I am the type of person who talks to themselves a lot in the car. And I get really into it with myself during these conversations. Between the facial expression, and the flailing hands, you would probably think that I was having a heated phone conversation with how I act. But nope, I am just minding my own business, and talking to myself. For some reason, my thoughts just seem to flow the best when I am in the car.

As I was driving home from work last night, a random thought came to my mind. Why is it that people make excuses for why they can’t achieve their dreams in life? I mean, think about it. How many times have your heard, or used the excuse, “I don’t have time?” How many times have you heard, or used the excuse, “I am just too busy in life?” Probably a lot.

We are all guilty of this. But ask yourself, what is more important to you in life; accomplishing your dreams, or watching the next episode of The Bachelor. Don’t get me wrong, The Bachelor is a great show and all, but it is really providing you with that much value in life to the point where you are willing to delay or even give up on your dreams?

Far too often, we just these excuses out of habit, and without even thinking. Maybe you really don’t have time at the current moment, or maybe you don’t have time during the day. But I guarantee that you are going to have time to start pursuing your dreams at some point between when you wake up to when it is that you go to sleep. If your dreams really matter to you as much as you think, then if nothing else, you will make time. And if not, then you just simply don’t want them badly enough.

The thing is, there are millions of people who are working full-time jobs. If there are millions of people that are taking their kids too and from practice, cooking dinner, and doing all of the other daily tasks that you and I do, then ask yourself why you can’t too. No matter what, you can. You just need to be willing to.

Again, if you want to achieve your dreams badly enough, you will make time to pursue them. Maybe it is staying up until the early hours of the morning, maybe it is by waking up a few hours earlier than you normally do, or maybe it is by taking a break during your afternoon. Whenever that time might be, use it to do something that is going to truly benefit you in life.

Sure, I might be some 25 year old millennial who is just starting out in life. And yes, I have been incredibly blessed throughout the course of my young life. But I have also worked very hard to get to where I am. I have worked hard for the things that I have, and I will continue to work hard to accomplish the things that I want to. Other people might have more talent than me, but they won’t outwork me, and they definitely will not believe in their dreams more than me. Plain and simple, I am willing to do whatever it takes today, so that tomorrow I can do what I couldn’t do before.

What I am trying to get at, is that we all are living the greatest gift known to man. We have all overcome the odds by winning the gift known to man, the gift of life. Are you really going to waste the opportunity of making your dreams into a reality? All to watch some reality tv show, play video games, or sit on your butt doing nothing? Unless those are your dreams in life, they aren’t going to benefit you at all.

The next time that you are going to make an excuse for why it is that you can’t achieve something in life, just think about what you are doing right now. Are you really unable to do something, or are you just choosing to spend your time elsewhere? Elsewhere that is not getting you closer to your dreams. So enough of the excuses. Start right now and chase your every last dream. This is your time to shine.

Michael Bonnell



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