This Is Going To Change Your Life

this is going to change your life
this is going to change your life

Daily Blog #283

Why is it that you are not doing the things that you want to be doing with your life? I mean, you have these big ideas, crazy dreams, and wild aspirations in life, right? Well, what are you doing to actually turn these desires into your reality? How hard are you willing to chase your dreams so that you can forever break free from the afternoon slumps, and finally start living the life that you have always wanted to live?

Lately, my thought process has been a little different. And not different in a negative way, but different in a way that has helped me to understand the importance of doing the things that I am passionate about in life, and doing them this very moment. I mean, after all, this is my only life to live. So why not spend it doing the things that make me happy, and doing the things that make me feel accomplished in my life?

This isn’t just my only life to live, but it is your only life to live as well. So why do any of us allow our excuses to control the precious time that we have? Why do we listen to others when they tell us that we aren’t good enough? Why do we listen to our own overriding thoughts that prevent us from taking risks? And why the hell do we care if we fail? When we fail, at least we can tell ourselves that we tried. Does this not account for anything?

The Secret Weapon

This leads me into the secret weapon – the thought process that is helping to change my life, and the one that I know is going to change your life as well.

Far too often we allow the questions above to control our destiny. The thoughts of others, our own fears of failure, and the uncertainty of taking risks are just some of the thoughts that hinder our ability to live the life that we dream of living. But if we aren’t living the life that we are living, then what are we doing with our life?

My thought process has come down to three different scenarios, with the first one best explaining how the majority of us live.

Scenario 1: We never start. We are too scared of taking any risk in our life, and we are too worried with what others are going to think of us. Do we have what it takes to achieve our dreams? Are others going to make fun of us for chasing our crazy and “unattainable” dreams? How are we ever going to amount to anything when we fail.

Instead of pushing these thoughts aside, we allow them to consume our minds, and we allow them to become our truth. After a brief amount of time, we forget how to dream. We forget what it is like to believe in ourselves, and we forget what it is like to live.

Scenario 2: We accomplish our dreams. Everything that we have ever wanted in life has become our reality. We are fulfilling our purpose in life, wake up and focus solely on the present moment, and are completely mindful our our life and our surroundings.

Probably the happiest scenario, right? Maybe we can even throw in things like owning our dream home, having our dream car, and being able to afford the life that we want to live. We don’t stress about money, we help to give back to others, and we work to make a lasting impact in the world that we live in. This my friends, this is my dream.

Scenario 3: This one is my favorite, because this is the one that will help all of us to get off of our own asses, and start living. The scenario – we die before we ever achieve our dreams. It may not be the most pleasant thought to imagine, but I want to challenge you to think deep and hard about it. You spend your entire life chasing something that makes you happy, and something that leaves you feeling fulfilled. How could you ever find disappointment in that?

Sure, you may die before your dreams ever become a reality, but that’s just it. You will die before achieving your dreams, thus never knowing what it’s like to feel failure or disappointment from giving up on yourself. Instead, you will experience feelings of excitement and fulfillment from knowing that you are living your only the life the way that you see fit, and chasing your beliefs every single day.

If you ask me, both of the options that entail chasing your dreams seem like better options than the one in which we never start. If you never start something that you want to become your reality, than that something will only remain a mere thought that will remain trapped within the walls of your mind.

By laying it out for you, it is my hope that each and every one of you realize that life is far too short to make excuses, or to let fear control your life. In the one life that you and I have to live, why not live it doing what makes us happy? Why not gain that feeling of fulfillment in doing something that we love every single day. And if we do die before we achieve our dreams, at least we will have died living the life that we were meant to live – a life of following our dreams, and believing in all that we are. That’s a win-win if you ask me.

Michael Bonnell



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