Finding The Willingness For A Better Life

the willingness for a better life
the willingness for a better life

Daily Blog #273

I have been thinking a lot lately about the goals that I have set for myself this year. Not only the goals themselves, but my willingness to accomplish these goals. While I truly believe that I will accomplish everything that I set out to achieve, there are some questions that have still been lingering in my mind.

Am I willing to go through pain, misery, and failure in order to achieve my dreams?

Am I willing to work harder than I ever have before to accomplish the things that I set out to achieve?

Am I willing to make sacrifices in order to turn my dreams into a reality?

Before I use the word “willingness” more than enough times to make you sick of it, it’s important to first know what it means. The dictionary defines willingness as the quality or state of being prepared to do something; readiness.

Our willingness to do a certain task is something that we all need to think about. I mean, if there is not a will, then there is not a way. If we don’t have the will to change, then believe it or not nothing is going to change. We can want everything that our minds can possibly think of, but without the will to achieve the things that we desire, those wants and desires will merely stay apart of our imagination.

Before you can make any change in your life, you first need to ask yourself, “Am I willing?” The answer to that question is not only going to require the truth, but it will also act as a promise that you are making to yourself. Either you are willing to do the necessary to accomplish the task at hand, or you aren’t. However you answer that question, it’s important that you realize the power behind your answer.

Am I willing to give up fast food in order to become healthier?

Am I willing to cut ties with friends in order to surround myself with people who are going to bring out the best in me?

Am I willing to work two jobs to afford the lifestyle that I want to live?

Am I willing to do surround myself with happiness to become a happier person every day?

Your answer to any of the questions above is the promise that you are making to yourself, and will determine the life that you are setting yourself up to live. If you are not willing to make these changes, then you have already determined your outcome. But if you are willing, then you a making a firm promise to yourself that you can and you will achieve your goals.

I also want to point out that sometimes, it’s okay to be unwilling. See, willing is a state of changing what lies ahead. When we are willing, we want to change something moving forward. Unwilling, on the other hand, is a state of changing what already is. When we are unwilling, we are looking to change something that already exists. Think of it as being unwilling to continue to live a certain way.

I am unwilling to live with negativity.

I am unwilling to live paycheck to paycheck.

I am unwilling to stay stuck in the same boring job.

By the way, these are just examples. Fit them into your life however you see fit. But do you see how unwillingness sparks motivation and determination to change what already is? Once you tell yourself that you are unwilling to remain the same, you are taking the first step to creating the life that you desire.

Wake up every morning, and think about how you want to live your life. Tell yourself that you are willing, or that you are unwilling. Again, that depends on the scenario that you are facing. But do yourself a favor, and commit.

You are either all in, or you are not in at all. Don’t tell yourself that you think you can, or that you want to do something, just simply do it.

Believe that you will achieve what you want, and work to make those wants a reality. Use affirmations like; I am, and I know. Take these two statements for example: “I am achieving success.” and “I think I can achieve success.” Which one of these statements is more likely to motivate you? And which one of these statements shows a stronger commitment to succeed? I will give you a hint, it’s the same answer, and it starts with “I AM.”

If you aren’t fully committed to living the life that you desire, odds are that you are going to procrastinate and find other excuses instead of focusing on what you want to accomplish. That is why you need to believe in everything that you want, and commit to making the change necessary to achieve those desires.

When you start to change your thinking and realize that you deserve everything that you desire out of life, you start making the effort necessary to achieve those desires. And when you start making the effort necessary to achieve those desires, only then do those desires become your reality.

It all lies in your mind. Whether you think you can’t, whether you think you can, or whether you know you will, you are right. Start believing in yourself. Start telling yourself that you will. And start taking the steps required to living the life that you have always dreamt of living.

Michael Bonnell



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