This Was The Summer That Changed My Life

the summer that changed my life

summer that changed my life

The Summer That Changed My Life

Well, it is official. As I was driving into work today, the big yellow buses filled the roads, flashing stop signs at every crosswalk, and kids running up and down the streets with their backpacks full. Summer of 2018 is officially over. Part of me doesn’t like the thought that winter is fast approaching, but the other part of me is happy that summer is over. I am happy that summer is over because I am grateful to have experienced it. Without a bout, this was the best summer of my life. This was the summer that changed my life.

It was the summer that changed my life because I did one thing, I lived life to the fullest. I let go of a lot of my fears, I pursued a lot of my dreams, and I lived my life how I wanted to live. Now I am not perfect. There are still things in life that I fear, there are still dreams that I have yet to chase, but I have never felt more liberated in my life.

If there is one thing in my life that I am not, it is a quitter. When I get an idea stuck in my head, I will pursue that idea with everything that I have until I either succeed, or get bored. This summer was no exception. This summer, I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to try new things that I have never before experienced, I wanted to make lifelong memories with those closest to me, and I wanted to just live in the moment.

Well, I succeeded. I experienced a lot of news, I made amazing memories, and I lived in the moment. Whether it was packing up and taking a two day cross country road trip, to golfing with my friends, to just eating family dinners like a normal human. I was finally able to overcome a lot of my fears in life, and I was able to just live.

While I would love for summer to continue, I am not sad that it is over. Rather, I am simply grateful that I was able to experience the moments that it held. All I can do lately, is just look back on the memories that I made, and smile. This summer, I proved that I can. I proved to myself that no matter how big the obstacle is that I might be facing, and no matter how big my dreams are, I can achieve anything. I can overcome anything that life might throw at me, I just need to believe in myself.

Personally, I consider myself to be the luckiest person alive. I have an amazing family, amazing friends, and more than enough to live comfortably. But never in my life have I been happier than I am today. Never have I been more motivated, and never have I been more determined to achieve my dreams. It is all because I decided to let go of my fears for a summer, live my life, and learn how to believe in myself.

You want to know what else this summer taught me? It taught me that change is not a bad thing. Through my entire life, I have always hated the idea of change. In fact, change in any way, shape, or form is where a lot of my anxiety and stress comes from. But by letting go for just a small amount of time, I learned that it is not such a bad thing. I learned that there are more ways to live that just the way that I have always concluded in my mind.

Sometimes we just need to let go and break free from our own chains. All of the time, we need to live for the moment, and live for the memories. There is no right or wrong way to live life. It is simply doing what makes you happy. This summer, that is what I focused on. I did what made me happy, and I lived. That is what made this the summer that changed my life.

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