Be The Solution To Your Own Problems

the solution to your own problems
the solution to your own problems

Daily Blog #317

Look at it like this. How much of your time do you spend trying to find the perfect solution to your own problems? Doing things like scouring the internet, reading books on how to solve problems, or seeking advice from others. And how much of your time do you devote trying to solve other people’s problems instead of trying to solve your own? Problems that if solved will leave you feeling accomplished and worthy?

If you are anything like me, your response to both of these answers is pretty similar. You probably spend a fair amount of time trying to search for answers while spending even more time trying to piece together everybody else’s life as well. But notice what is wrong with these answers. Notice that you are doing everything but solving your own problems and creating a better life for yourself.

So how do you find the answer to all of your problems in life? Well, just like anything else, you get the things that you don’t have by working for them. You don’t wait for others to hand things to you, you don’t scour the internet until you are given everything that you dream of, and you don’t read countless articles patiently waiting for your dreams to become a reality. So why do you do this when it comes to problem-solving?

Instead of making excuses and looking elsewhere, why not start taking the initiative, and why not start working towards the solution to your own problems? That is the only way that you will ever find what it is that you are truly looking for in life.

I have noticed something recently. I have noticed two main reasons why I have always avoided solving problems in my life, and I know I am not alone on this.

Reason 1. I was scared to fail.

I was scared to take risks, and I was scared to try and solve my problems because I wanted to save any amount of dignity or self-confidence that I left. If I couldn’t get things right in my own life, then I always assumed that I was going to be judged by the world around us. Even more so, if I failed, that I was going to have even less confidence in myself than I previously had.

Reason 2. We don’t want to put in the work required.

Solving problems takes work. It takes effort, thoughtful planning, and execution. Sometimes it can even take blood, sweat, and tears. Instead of experiencing any of these feelings, I would have much rather searched for an answer that was not going to require a lot of effort. It’s sad to admit, but it’s the truth.

Through my own trial and error, neither of these reasonings provided any benefit to me. In fact, they probably did more harm than good.

Imagine if I would have actually worked towards solving my problems. Imagine the amount of time that I could have saved, and imagine how much sooner I could have actually found what it was that I was looking for in the first place. But because I was focusing on perfection instead of progression, I was overlooking all the answers that I already had.

That is the key to all of our answers – progression and not perfection. I was focused on trying to be perfect, and I was focused on having to take as little action as possible instead of actually working towards the things that I wanted to change in my life. While I was wasting my time trying to find perfection, I failed to realize that there was no such thing, and nor will there ever be. The only way that you are going to solve any problem in your life is if you work to solve them one step at a time.

“No one is you, and that is your power.” – Dave Grohl

Everybody is different. We all have different beliefs, different circumstances that have impacted our lives, and different pasts that have shaped us into who we are today. No matter which way you look, no other person is going to have the same exact problem that you have in life. Can they be similar to yours? Sure. But just because something works for somebody else does not mean that it is going to work for you.

You need to be willing to go out and find your own answers. Nobody is going to hand you anything on a silver platter. If you want something that you currently don’t have in your life, you need to be willing to go out and get it. It may not be easy, but as I am sure you know by now, nothing worth having in life comes easy, and nothing that comes easy in life is worth having.

You need to be willing to fail, you need to be willing to fall flat on your face, and you need to be willing to seek the solution to your own problems. Life as we know it is not perfect and it is never going to be perfect. But it is that imperfection that is going to lead us towards the answers that we seek. So be your imperfect self, allow yourself to make mistakes, and work to be the solution to your own problems.

Michael Bonnell



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