Understanding The Importance Of Consistency

importance of consistency

importance of consistency

The Importance Of Consistency

One thing that I have never really lacked growing up is the ability to pursue my interests. One day I might wake up and want to be a police officer, the next day I might want to run a marathon, or maybe I want to start saving my money to buy a house. Well, for the time being, that is what I will focus on. While it is good to have dreams, these dreams have not been fulfilled because I have am rarely consistent. Those who have a difficult time achieving their dreams are like me and lack consistency as well. On the opposite end of the spectrum, those who are and have achieved their dreams have found success because they understand the importance of consistency.

You have probably heard it before, if you want to be successful, you have to be consistent. Look at some of the greatest entrepreneurs in the world. My two favorite examples being Casey Neistat and Gary Vaynerchuk. The reason that they become successful in life is because they don’t take no for an answer. They work into the early hours of the morning to pursue their vision in life. Instead of trying to find excuses in life, they seize every opportunity to grind.

Consistency Builds Dedication

When I was 22 years old, I got my first corporate job because I was consistent. I had just moved back to Minnesota and I knew that I wanted to stay with the same employer that I was with in Utah. When I got back, I filled out as many applications as I possibly could. The roles varied from a team member, to a janitor, all the way to a cafe employee. I didn’t care what the position was, I just wanted to be with the company.

For the next two weeks, I spent the majority of my time filling out about twenty applications and following up on every single position. Some of the managers probably received upwards of five personal calls from me before they would tell me that the spot was filled. While I was getting a little discouraged, I used the answer no as motivation. I knew that I wanted to stick with the company so badly, that I would do whatever it took. Eventually, I knew something would come around.

Consistency Builds Trust

After my second week of follow-ups, I started calling the corporate office and tried to find a position there. Again, I was mainly applying for smaller positions like a janitor or receptionist. Within days, I finally got an interview. I went into the interview and the first thing they asked me is why I thought that I should be hired. After thinking about it for a few seconds, I responded and told them because I was passionate about the company and because I was consistent. I told them the story about my outreach,and they were impressed. They were impressed enough to the point where they offered me a position at the corporate level.

To be completely honest, there was a lot of self-doubt in my life around this time. I don’t know the reason why I was lucky enough to get an interview, but I am glad that I did. It goes to show that unless you truly try, you will never know. Here I was applying to positions to be a cook or a janitor. Is there anything wrong with that? No, but it wasn’t what I was meant to do. There is no way that I thought I stood a chance working for the company at a corporate level. But when you are consistent, it shows that you are dedicated. Sometimes, having that sense of consistency and dedication is all you need in order to achieve your dreams.

Consistency Builds Character

When you are truly passionate about something, you will stop at no ends until you achieve it. For me, that something was working for the company that I was applying for. No matter what position it was, I knew that I was meant to work for this company and I wasn’t going to stop applying until I got a job. If I started at the lowest position, I would work my way to the top. I was that determined.

I’m not going to lie, during this process I learned so much about myself. Previously, I was the type of person who would quit when the going got tough. All of the ideas that I had as a kid would vanish when it came to working towards them. Not this one. This was something that I was so passionate about that I knew I had to have it. I had to do whatever it took to get a job.

Well, I did. Even more importantly than the job itself, I got my self-confidence back. I wasn’t more confident just because I had a new job, I was confident because I set my mind to something and I achieved it. I proved to myself that I can really do anything that I want if I follow my dreams and work towards them. Age was something that I was going to use as an excuse if I didn’t get the position, but now it is something that I pride myself on. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, if you have the determination and the right mindset, you can do anything.

Consistency Builds Leadership

Everyday I go into work with the same mentality. No matter how tired I am or what I have going on that day, my goal is to be a better me than I was yesterday. I am consistent in pushing myself to be a better employee every day that I go in to work. We can’t control what others are doing. we can only control what we are able to do, so don’t even stress about them.

My managers took notice of my hard work, consistency, and dedication. Guess what, that 22 year old man who is the youngest on his team by ten years is now one of the leaders. I have taken on more responsibilities, received promotions, and have found a love for my job. Work is not a place where I dislike going to. I wake up everyday and am excited to go to work. All because I am consistent and enjoy the process of challenging myself day in and day out.

The Importance Of Consistency

We can sit and make all of these excuses of why we can’t chase our dreams, but let’s face it, this does not do anyone any good. Instead of looking for excuses, look for reasons why you need to achieve your dreams. Once you develop a consistent mindset and you are willing to pursue your passion, only then will you see growth. Nothing worth having in life is easy to achieve, and we can’t achieve any level of success without being consistent. That, my friends, is the importance of consistency.

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