The Art of Fully Living Summary and Review

The Art of Fully Living Summary
The Art of Fully Living Summary

“It was a beautiful starry night and the fragrance of a new beginning was in the air. We were all in a similar position: we had recently entered our 30’s, and we had just received our permanent residency in Australia. Naturally, the conversation turned to the question of life goals—where do we go from here?”

My friend continued: ‘My father died in his early 40’s, so I am going to set my life goals based on the fact that I also may not be here after that age.’”

How would you respond if you were told that you were going to die in your 40’s? How would that change the life that you are living today? Would you sit back and wait to start living your life until you get closer to dying? Or would you stop everything that you are doing and start making the most of every second that you have remaining? 

This is something that a lot of us overlook. The truth is, we don’t know when we are going to die. It could be when we are 40, it could be when we are 80, or it could even be tomorrow. We just simply don’t know, and yet despite not knowing, we are still willing to wait and live our best lives until we are older.

But at what cost? What if we never reach that day or that year to when we allow ourselves to start living? Why pass up living in the present moment – the only moment of our lives that is certain – just for the possibility of living a better life in the future? 

For Tal Gur, this is when it struck him. Life is simply too short. He didn’t want to wait around any longer to start making the most of his life. He wanted to live for the moment he was in, and only for that moment. And we are lucky enough to get taken along on his journey. 

The Art of Fully Living: 1 Man. 10 Years. 100 Life Goals Around the World

After spending the first part of his life in Tel Aviv, Tal felt as if something from his life was missing. In 2003, after having worked for a technology company, Tal decided to quit his job and pursue a lifelong dream of his: to live and study in Australia.

While in Australia, he was constantly on the search for more. He was a middle-eastern man who had moved to Australia in search of more, but after a few years, he had nothing to show for it. His English was still poor, he had no new friends, and he found himself living the same lifestyle as before, only now he was thousands of miles away from his home country. 

After hearing his friend talk about how his dad died in his 40’s, Tal made a promise to himself. From that moment onwards, Tal was going to do everything that he could to start living his life to the fullest. Thus, the list of his 100 life goals was created. 

At first, Tal had difficulty adjusting to the change of lifestyle. He was going out more and immersing himself into unfamiliar settings, but still, the thought of failure was holding him back. It wasn’t until he started to see failure differently that he was able to fully jump into the challenge that he had started on. 

From that point onwards, it was game on. Tal no longer resisted the thought of failure. In fact, he made it his goal to experience failure. By making it a goal of his to experience failure, it helped him to let go of some of the negative emotions that he had towards failure. 

After just a short amount of time of fully immersing himself in his goals and changing his perception of failure, Tal started to notice sizable changes in his life. He walked with more confidence, he started making new friends, and he started to adapt to the culture that was surrounding him. He was successfully changing his life in the way that he had envisioned. 

Still, something was lacking in Tal’s life. He started to become a popular face at the local clubs and was living the young Australian life that he wanted, but once he started living it, he realized that there was more out there that he wanted to experience. 

That’s when Tal’s story takes off.

Once he discovered the art of fully living, there was no going back. He gave up his partying ways and started focusing on his list of goals. The first challenge was to train for an Ironman. In just one short week, Tal gave up smoking for good, spent every waking second progressing towards his goal of completing an Ironman, and didn’t stop until he achieved it. 

After realizing what he was truly capable of doing once he fully committed to his goals, Tal kept wanting to challenge himself. He would quit his successful job in Australia, start a few online businesses, and in just three months, Tal was traveling the world and exploring all that life had to offer. 

Along his travels, Tal would continue to fully immerse himself into whatever goal was next on his list. His goals would lead to various relationships, a marriage that took him to the northeastern coast of the United States, a surprisingly peaceful divorce, all the way to Bali where he would rekindle his relationship with the one person who mattered the most to him: himself. 

The Art of Fully Living Review

Personally speaking, I absolutely loved this book. I am somebody who enjoys reading about the journey of others and how they managed to find success and happiness within their lives. That’s exactly what Tal Gur provides for the reader in The Art of Fully Living.

Lessons to Learn From The Art of Full Living

1. Live For Today

There are so many lessons that we can all take away from The Art of Fully Living, but the first and most important lesson to learn is the lesson of living your life in the present moment. Don’t let yesterday or tomorrow take away from the life that you are living today. We do not have the power to change what happened yesterday, and tomorrow is never going to be guaranteed. Live for the here and now as no other moment matters. 

2. Immerse Yourself In Your Goals

Something crazy happens when you fully invest your time, effort, and energy into your goals – you start to achieve them a lot quicker than you thought possible. 

Oftentimes, when we set goals for ourselves, we give ourselves more time than we need to actually accomplish these goals. As a result, we tend to procrastinate, lose interest, or become preoccupied with other goals. 

As stated in Parkinson’s Law, “work expands so as to fill the time which is available for its completion.” This means that regardless of the amount of time you give yourself to achieve a goal, the result will be the same. 

So what does this have to do with immersing yourself in your goals? It means to jump in with everything you have. Give each goal your full undivided attention until you achieve it. You will be surprised, but when you focus on one task at a time and continually challenge yourself, you will achieve more than ever before.

3. Don’t Wait

Whatever you want out of life, don’t wait. Whatever it is that you want to achieve, only you have the ability to achieve it. The sooner you start taking action on your goals and dreams, the sooner you will be able to turn them into your reality. 


Life is short. At any given time, the very life that we are living could end without even a moment’s notice. Quit wasting your precious life on things that don’t benefit you or align with the direction in which you want your life to go in. Accomplish the goals that you have for yourself, see the places that you want to see, be the person that you want to be. Whatever it is that you want in life, just jump in and go for it. That is the only way you will ever feel true happiness and fulfillment.

If you are somebody who needs a little extra boost as to how to actually design your dream life, The Art of Fully Living is going to be an amazing book for you. It will give you insight as to what you can achieve, and above all else, it will inspire you to actually go out and achieve it.

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