Take A Stand & Tell The World Your Story

Why You Should Tell The World Your Story

I like to see life as a big book. The past… well the past has already been written. Not only been written, but it has been published, stocked on the shelves, and sold. No matter how much we want to change it, we will never be able to. The end of the book represents the time when we die, or when we leave this planet. Today, we are somewhere in between what has already been published and the time we die. What we do right now will directly impact what the current and future pages will consist of. So write your book your own way, be proud, and tell the world your story.

One of the reasons that I began blogging was to tell my story. I wanted to have a place where I could express my emotions, but I also wanted to provide support for people who might be dealing with some of the struggles that I have faced in life. I am not saying that I have the most interesting life, but I have a very unique perspective that might just be able to help someone. Seriously, that is my motivation. I blog each and every single day to try and make a positive impact on just one person’s life.

Often times we become scared of telling our story because we have a fear of being judged. Hey, I didn’t share my story on any of my social media accounts for nearly two months because I was scared of people finding out. If I wouldn’t have made the mistake of sharing a post on the wrong instagram account, then my story might still be a secret. But I am glad that I made the mistake.

When I made the mistake of releasing my story on the wrong social media account, fear immediately consumed my thoughts. I feared that people were going to make fun of me for having a blog and I feared that I was going to be judged for my mental illnesses. After some thinking, I said screw it. I decided to leave the post up. Releasing the post was really a blessing in disguise for me.

Making the mistake forced me to be proud of my differences and of the strides that I have made. Instead of letting fear control me, I decided to embrace my differences and show the world who I really am, a warrior. I am not like any other person on the face of this planet, nor do I want to be. I have overcome lows that most will never face, and I have seen highs that very few have the opportunity to see. While some days are better than others, this is my life and I am blessed to just be alive. Nothing in life is more special than being who we were meant to be. If people want to make fun of me for trying to help others by revealing my battles, then so be it. I am done hiding.

The truth is though, there wasn’t any negativity when my friends found out about my story. In fact, all of the people who saw my story said it was cool. For a moment, I was getting so worked up and feared that I was going to be judged. Because of this, I didn’t realize the lives that I could have impacted had I of posted my story earlier. Maybe I could have helped someone if I would have shared my story sooner. We will never know. But I am glad I am sharing it now. I am glad that I am finally showing my true colors and trying to spread a message of positivity and motivation.

My point is that we all have a story to tell. No matter how long, how thick, or how deep it is, tell the world your story. Nobody is ever going to be an exact version of you, but there are people who share similarities. There are people who need help embracing their differences, and it starts with you. Embrace your differences, find your outlet, and share it to the world. Release the stress, the burden, and the loneliness of keeping your story a secret and let it out. Be proud of who you are and what you have accomplished. Above all, know that you are never alone. Who knows, maybe if you tell the world your story, you can even help to save a life.

Tomorrow, I am celebrating 25 years of existence (it’s my birthday). On my birthday, I am going to be sharing one of my darkest and deepest stories with the world. I am sharing this story because I am done living with my secrets. 25 is going to be my year, and this is the start of that. I am going to be living my best life yet and I am going to be helping as many people as I can. That is why I am going to tell the world my story.

Michael Bonnell



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