Take ACTION On Your Dreams If You Want Them To Be Your Reality

take action on your dreams
take action on your dreams

How do you go from simply spending your days dreaming about your dreams to actually turning those exact dreams into your reality? 

This is a question that I have had to ask myself over and over again, and it’s a question that many of us contemplate over the course of our lives. 

As time has progressed, I was forced to face the realization that I was still not any closer to achieving the dreams that I had set for myself. It became clear to me that simply thinking of my dreams wasn’t getting me any closer towards achieving them. No, in order to turn my dreams into my reality, I needed to take action on those dreams. 

It sounds all too simple, doesn’t it? But think for a second about the dreams that you have for yourself. Can you full-heartedly say that you are taking the action that is required to someday turn those dreams into your reality? Are you pursuing the life that you want to live, or are you holding back and pursuing somebody else’s dream? 

Take actions on your dreams

For me, this weekend was all about taking action towards my dreams

One of my dreams is to travel the world and live on the open road. I don’t want to do too much other than explore new places, write as much as I possibly can, and just experience all of the incredible places that this world has to offer. Truth be told, I’d be completely happy with living in the back of a van. 

While some people might not understand this dream, it’s also not for others to understand. As long as I am happy with it, that’s all that truly matters. 

Before fully investing yourself into any dream though, it’s important to test it out to make sure that it’s right for you. So on Friday, I decided to get a little taste of my dream. I loaded up my SUV, put the seats down, went to a park, and just camped out of the back of my SUV. I read for a bit, did some writing, people watched, and just walked around. 

Well, after a few hours, I started getting bored, I got really hot being outside on one of the most humid days of the year, and just wasn’t really “feeling it.” So I went and grabbed some dinner, ate on the beach, and then decided to head back home as the sun was going down.

Learning from your actions

I can’t say that everything happened the way I thought it was going to (as it never does), but I honestly wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. I took a leap towards one of my dreams and acted on it. Despite the outcome not being what I was necessarily hoping for, I am a better and stronger person from the experiences themselves.

What is not started today is never finished tomorrow.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

If you never take action on your dreams, how do you know what you could or couldn’t have achieved? You don’t. Nothing worth having is ever easy to achieve, and if you aren’t willing to at least give yourself the opportunity to achieve the things that you dream of, they will never stand a chance of becoming your reality. 

Why it’s important to break out of your comfort zone

I never really used to be the type of person who enjoyed living life outside of their comfort zone. In fact, like most others, I absolutely hated it. It’s scary to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, especially when you have avoided having to do so for the majority of your life. 

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At the same time, though, I also knew that I wasn’t living the life that I wanted to be living. Something had to change, and that something was having to force myself to break out of my comfort zone. It’s important to remember that if you want something that you don’t have, then you need to do something that you aren’t currently doing. 

Whatever your dream is, chase it

Nobody is going to chase your dreams for you. Whatever your dream is and whatever you want to achieve over the course of your life, it is up to you to achieve it. 

Put one step in front of the other, start progressing towards your dreams with everything that you have, and never stop believing in the person you are and all that you are worth. Your life is what you make it out to be, so make it special and take action on your dreams starting today!

Michael Bonnell

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