Why You ALWAYS Need To Stay True To Yourself

stay true to yourself

Over the last few weeks, my life has been a tad bit stressful. My parents have moved 1,300 miles away, I am going to be traveling out of the country for the first time in my life, and just to top it off, I have been rejected from more jobs over the last few monthsRead more

How To Become Your Best Self

become your best self

We all have times where we doubt ourselves and what we can truly achieve. There are times where we wonder if we are good enough, times where we wonder if we have what it takes to become successful, and times where we wonder if we will ever live up to the expectations that we setRead more

Be Your Best Self To Become Your Best Self

be your best self

Daily Blog #337 I used to be someone who had always strived for attention in life. All throughout high school, throughout college, even well into my first and only corporate job, attention and the approval from others was something that I deeply craved. Who did others want me to be? How did I need toRead more