When to Keep Chasing Your Goals and When to Stop

keep chasing your goals

My mom had sent me a post yesterday from USAToday about a blogger named Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, the author and creator behind The Skinny Confidential.  Between her blog, her podcast, her Instagram, and her book, Bosstick has missions of followers all around the world. Her podcast alone has pulled in more than 54 million listenersRead more

Is It Worth It To Chase Your Dreams?

worth it to chase your dreams

Daily Blog #341 Life has been moving all too quickly recently. The days seem to be passing me by in the blink of an eye while only leaving a blurred memory. I haven’t been able to focus on the present moment. I find myself thinking way too much on either the past or on theRead more

Why It Is Important To Follow Your Dreams

Why It Is Important To Follow Your Dreams

What is it about the thought of chasing our dreams that actually prevents us from doing so? Is it the amount of commitment and dedication that our dreams take in order to become a reality? Is it the thought of failure that prevents us from even trying? Maybe, it is the judgement of others thatRead more