If You Only Had One Day To Live

one day left to live

Great, here we go again talking about the uncomfortable truth of life – the truth that someday in the future, maybe even today, you and I are going to die.  I don’t mean to be emotional or anything of that nature. Instead, I want to help you to find more happiness in your day andRead more

Make The Most Of Your Twenties

make the most of your twenties

To the millennials, the young entrepreneurs, the adrenaline junkies, the students who have just graduated from college, and anyone else who is in their twenties, what’s next? What are you going to do next in order to make the most of your twenties?  You might not think that this is an important time given theRead more

Stop Doing Sh*t That Won’t Benefit You

stop doing sh*t that won't benefit you

We all have dreams that we want to achieve throughout the course of our lives. We all have a vision in our minds exactly how we want our life to look. But for some reason, we don’t follow the truth that already lies within us. Instead, we follow the vision in which we are notRead more

A Better Life Awaits You – You Just Need To Reach For It

a better life awaits you

Daily Blog #291 Yep, you read it correctly. A better life awaits you. How do you get it? You just need to be willing to reach out and grab it. If you haven’t quite figured it out yet, I am all about finding ways to live a better life each and every day. And rightfullyRead more

Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself If You Want A Better Life

feeling sorry for yourself

Don’t let your struggles become your identity. Sometimes, life just isn’t going to go how you planned. How many times have you heard that before? But think about it. Nobody has a perfect life. No matter who you are, you are going to experience pain, heartbreak, and sadness throughout the course of your life. MaybeRead more