Focus On Today and Only On Today

focus on today

Thought for the day: do you ever notice how much time we spend focusing on the past and the future? So much so that we forget to even acknowledge the beautiful present in which we are living? Instead of living so much in the past and in the future, what if we started to liveRead more

Live For Today and Pray For Tomorrow

live for today and pray for tomorrow

Daily Blog #348 Have you ever wondered what will happen to all of your money and belongings if you die? Like unexpectedly die? With no will set up, no beneficiaries listen, no nothing. It was just you, your money, and your belongings. It might seem strange to think about, but this is exactly what IRead more

The Power Of Living In The Present Moment

living in the present

Living in the present moment, not the past Have you ever heard the saying, “today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present?” Of course you have. Yet, we often still find ourselves wondering what we could have done differently in the past. We use the past to determine what it is that weRead more