Where Do You See Yourself In A Year?

where do you see yourself in a year

Imagine what it would be like to take a vacation and have the ability to stay for as long as you want. Where you are not rushed back into the office, where you are your own boss, and when you have the power to live the life in which you dream of living.  Yeah, thatRead more

How To Actually Start Believing In Yourself

start believing in yourself

Self-belief. One of the keys to living a happy and successful life. Without it, you can be left feeling down, depressed, and hopeless. But with self-belief, you can feel as if you are on top of the world, like you can do anything and everything that you set your mind to, and as if thereRead more

I Promised Myself That I Will Be The Best

i will be the best

Daily Blog #363 I’ve made a promise to myself. I promised myself that I will be the best. Whatever it takes and however long it takes, I will achieve anything and everything that I want to achieve. There will be absolutely nothing that can or will stop me from accomplishing the success that I envisionRead more

The importance of Having A Good Morning Routine

good morning routine

Daily Blog #314 Well, I don’t know how I necessarily feel about writing this, but I guess whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? Plus, I can talk the talk about the importance of breaking out of our comfort zones, but it is meaningless unless I walk the walk. Anyhow, something that just seemsRead more

Never Have I Ever

never have i ever

Daily Blog #313 I am still in so much pain. It hurts to eat, it hurts to drink, and it hurts to smile. Truth be told, the pain pills might be the only thing saving me from losing my mind right now. But despite how much pain I am still in, I wouldn’t have itRead more

I Believe In Me

I believe in me

I believe in me. I believe in who I am as a person, I believe in what I am doing to better myself each and every day, and I believe in where I see my life going moving forward. Do you believe in you? Do you believe in what you are doing in life, whereRead more