How Do You Spend Your Most Important Hours?

most important hours

There’s something about waking up before everybody else that is simply motivating. Maybe it’s the thought of knowing that you have a jumpstart on the day. Maybe it’s the fact that you are doing something challenging when you wake up, finding the strength to even wake up. Maybe it’s the fact that while the worldRead more

Make Your Bed By William H McRaven Book Review

make your bed

Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life … And Maybe The World by Admiral Willam H. McRaven is truly an inspirational book to read. Through the lessons that Admiral William H. McRaven shares, we can all get a better understanding of how we can transform our lives, and in turn, change theRead more

What Are You Willing To Sacrifice For Success?

what are you willing to sacrifice for success

Daily Blog #269 We are three weeks into the new year. Only three weeks into a year, yet this is the time where many give up on their New Year’s resolutions and go back to living an ordinary life. Maybe you are still going strong, and working to make your resolutions a part of yourRead more