Feelings Never Last, Even If They Feel Like They Will

feelings never last

If you have ever stopped to reflect on your feelings, you will notice that all of the bad feelings that you experience seem to last forever. Feelings such as fear, anxiety, depression, and anger. It’s almost as though these feelings never go away while all of the positive and uplifting feelings that we experience seemRead more

Getting Rejected & How To Overcome Rejection

getting rejected

How To You Overcome Rejection In Life Rejection hurts no matter who you are. It doesn’t matter what you are being rejected from or the significance that the situation has on your life, getting rejected sucks. As humans, we want nothing more than to feel like we belong, and well, rejection basically strips us bareRead more

Being Told No Is Never The Final Answer

no is never the final answer

Daily Blog #339 Rejection sucks. Especially when you are being rejected from something that you care deeply about. But while you may not know it at the time, being told no may be one of the best things that can happen to you. When do you learn the most valuable lessons in your life? ProbablyRead more