Developing A Confident Mindset To Improve Your Life

developing a confident mindset

There are a significant amount of benefits to having a confident mindset. Decisions become easier to make, good things seem to happen more frequently, and change becomes less and less frightening. Having a confident mindset can and will change your life, and it will only do so for the better.  The Ability To Overcome ObstaclesRead more

When The Going Gets Tough, Work Harder

when the going gets tough, work harder

Daily Blog #342 When the going gets tough, what are you more likely to do? Are you more likely to give up on yourself and allow your fears to control the life that you live? Or are you going to be somewhat of a badass and fight with every last ounce of energy until youRead more

Embrace The Suck

embrace the suck

What would you think if I told you that you suck? Calm down, I am only partially being serious. But you know what, it’s fine to admit that you suck. I suck too. In fact, we all suck. So why not embrace the suck and let it actually help us. When I say we suck,Read more

Learning To Let Go of Unnecessary Thoughts

let go of unnecessary thoughts

How To Let Go of Unnecessary Thoughts Part of me has always wanted to be bigger and better. Not bigger and better in my own eyes, but bigger and better in the eyes of others. A lot of my life growing up was based around the thought that in order to be happy in life,Read more