Why Not Treat Yourself Like Someone You Care About?

treat yourself like someone you care about

Have you ever stopped to recognize the fact that we tend to treat others better than we treat ourselves? Think back to the last time that somebody talked negatively about you. Perhaps it was somebody with a higher social status than you, somebody who makes more money than you do, a supervisor or a manager,Read more

Being Hated By 75,000 Other People

what i learned from being hated

I went to a football game this past weekend in Kansas City, Missouri where the Kansas City Chiefs played the Minnesota Vikings.  A lot of my friends from Minnesota went to the game, and I jumped at the opportunity to get away for a weekend and to see a game at an NFL stadium thatRead more

Not Everyone Will Understand You. Just Be True To Yourself and Carry On

just be true to yourself

All around the world, there are people who are hiding their greatness, people who are hiding the strengths that they possess, and people who are preventing themselves from living a life in which they want to be living.  The reasonings? Well, there are two main reasons. The first being because they are scared. They areRead more

Through All The Pain, Here’s What I Would Do Differently

through all the pain

I often look back on all of the mistakes that I have made throughout my life and ask myself what was I thinking? What was my motivation or mindset that lead me towards making the mistakes that I made? Now I know that I won’t be able to ever go back and do it allRead more

I Used To Be Too Fat. Now I’m Too Skinny

I used to be too fat

Daily Blog #346 Growing up, I was always one of the “fluffier” kids. I don’t know that I would have called myself fat, but I will admit that I was definitely on the heftier side. As I graduated high school, I was 5’9 and weighed roughly 170 pounds. Fast forward a year, and for someRead more

Now It’s Time To Prove Yourself

time to prove yourself

Daily Blog #335 To be human is to make many mistakes. Not just your occasional slip up like swearing in front of your kid for the very first time. But the mistakes that will leave you feeling momentarily paralyzed like realizing you forgot to pay your car loan for the last two months as youRead more

I Am Not Like Others, and I Am Okay With That

i am not like others

Accepting That I Am Not Like Others How do you spend your weekends? Maybe you spend it by going to the bars, catching up on all of your Netflix favorites, spending it with your buddies, or maybe even your significant other. It’s pretty common for most young adults to be doing one (if not all)Read more