Developing A Confident Mindset To Improve Your Life

developing a confident mindset

There are a significant amount of benefits to having a confident mindset. Decisions become easier to make, good things seem to happen more frequently, and change becomes less and less frightening. Having a confident mindset can and will change your life, and it will only do so for the better.  The Ability To Overcome ObstaclesRead more

I Wasn’t Always This Strong

I wasn't always this strong

Daily Blog #321 I wasn’t always this strong. Strong in the sense where I know that there are very few things that can happen to me in life that could possibly break me. Probably the only thing that could break me is if anything were to ever happen to someone that I love. But itRead more

Ask Yourself “Why Not Me?”

why not me

Three best motivational words. We are all capable of greatness, and we are all capable of happiness. But in the face of adversity, we often ask ourselves “Why me?” The truth is, what we should really be asking ourselves is, “Why not me?” Trust me, I get it. Like the majority of everybody else, IRead more

Focus On Your Strengths, Not Your Weaknesses

focus on your strengths

Why you should focus on your strengths. “Too many people want to be something versus recognizing what they are.” Gary Vaynerchuk Far too often, we second guess ourselves and wonder what it is that we can do better in life. Why can’t we be like that person, what do we need to improve on, whatRead more