Being Hated By 75,000 Other People

what i learned from being hated

I went to a football game this past weekend in Kansas City, Missouri where the Kansas City Chiefs played the Minnesota Vikings.  A lot of my friends from Minnesota went to the game, and I jumped at the opportunity to get away for a weekend and to see a game at an NFL stadium thatRead more

If You Keep Failing, You Will Succeed

keep failing

There is something about failure that is discouraging and frustrating. Something about it that causes you to think twice about your decisions, to move forward with hesitation, to always look over your shoulder when you think you may be going in the wrong direction.  There is also something about failure that is motivating and inspiring.Read more

Let Go of Perfectionism & Embrace Your Imperfections

embrace your imperfections

Daily Blog #304 I have been doing a lot of deep thinking lately. Deep thinking to find an even deeper meaning for my life. Sure, I am passionate about many things. I am passionate about my family, my development as a person, and doing what I can to live a better life today than IRead more