3 Tips That Help Me To Cope With Depression

cope with depression

Time is flying by. It has been nearly six years since I was first diagnosed with clinical depression. Well, it’s actually been five and a half years, but who’s counting? Depression isn’t something that many are willing to talk about. There is this stigma that depression represents weakness in a person, and very few areRead more

Depression Runs In My Family

depression runs in my family

I want to do something a little different. Today, I am going to be sharing something that my sister wrote years ago (with her permission) while she was battling depression. Depression runs in my family. It is not something to be ashamed of, but rather, something to embrace so that you can find the strengthRead more

6 Things I’d Have Done Differently In Battling Depression

things i'd have done differently in battling depression

Daily Blog #251 Today, I write this with a heart full of sadness from hearing numerous stories about how depression is affecting a community that is dear to my heart. A community that is also known as Hockeytown USA. A community that always took me in as one of their own. And a community thatRead more

My Depression Battle – What I Would Do Differently

Battling Depression: The Importance of Speaking Up I have spent all day trying to figure out how to write this post. No matter how hard I tried to collect my thoughts, nothing came naturally. Eventually, I took to google. After reading a few blogs on how to cope with depression, I managed to compile oneRead more