This Is Going To Change Your Life

this is going to change your life

Daily Blog #283 Why is it that you are not doing the things that you want to be doing with your life? I mean, you have these big ideas, crazy dreams, and wild aspirations in life, right? Well, what are you doing to actually turn these desires into your reality? How hard are you willingRead more

A Simple Thought That Motivated Me To Change My Life

a simple thought that motivated me to change my life

Daily Blog #240 There was a time in my life where my biggest fear was death. Every time I would think about death, I would become stressed and anxious, my mind would start speeding at a million miles per hour, and my hands would start sweating profusely. I didn’t want to die. I had notRead more

Why I Became Obsessed With Self-Improvement

Obsessed With Self-Improvement

I once got asked, “Do you think that by writing everyday, you are just replacing one habit in your life with another?” The new habit in my life being writing my thoughts in order to replace the old habits of basically everything that sucked in life. The answer to this question, you damn right IRead more

If You Don’t Ever Change, You Will Never Grow.

don't ever change

Don’t ever change. Don’t ever change. These are three words that I have really come to despise. Why is it that people often times say “don’t ever change who you are,” or “Continue to do what you are doing.” Am I really that cool where people don’t want me to change who I am? IRead more

This Was The Summer That Changed My Life

the summer that changed my life

The Summer That Changed My Life Well, it is official. As I was driving into work today, the big yellow buses filled the roads, flashing stop signs at every crosswalk, and kids running up and down the streets with their backpacks full. Summer of 2018 is officially over. Part of me doesn’t like the thoughtRead more