Believe In Yourself – Even When Others Don’t

believe in yourself

Not to get on the whole bandwagon of setting goals for yourself for the upcoming year, but have you thought about some of the things that you want to achieve? Maybe it’s within the next year, or maybe it’s within the next ten.  Regardless of the time, why haven’t you started pursuing those goals sooner?Read more

I Believe In Me

I believe in me

I believe in me. I believe in who I am as a person, I believe in what I am doing to better myself each and every day, and I believe in where I see my life going moving forward. Do you believe in you? Do you believe in what you are doing in life, whereRead more

Believe In Yourself And Take Risks In Life

believe in yourself and take risks

Believe in yourself and take risks We are going to start this off on a deep note, but I want you to really think about something. If you found out that you only had 24 hours left to live, what would you think about your life? Did you have fun and live in the moment,Read more