11 Steps to Setting Goals and Achieving Them

setting goals and achieving them

One of the best things that you can ever do to help increase your chances of finding success is to set goals for yourself. It’s that simple. Without setting goals and following them, it is going to be easier to lose focus and become distracted.  Goal setting not only allows you to determine the directionRead more

What I Learned From My 90-Day Goals

my 90-day goals

Daily Blog #336 A few months ago I created a 90-day plan for myself. Already three months into the new year, and that 90 days has already come to an end. While there have been a few lows like losing two dogs in the span of two days, there have also been many highs. EveryRead more

What I AM Going To Achieve In 2019

what i am going to achieve in 2019

Daily Blog #246 I was thinking about titling this post What I Want To Accomplish In 2019, but something about that title didn’t just sit right with me. After thinking about why that title wasn’t sitting well with me, I realized that it is because instead of what it is that I want to accomplish,Read more