The importance of Having A Good Morning Routine

good morning routine

Daily Blog #314 Well, I don’t know how I necessarily feel about writing this, but I guess whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? Plus, I can talk the talk about the importance of breaking out of our comfort zones, but it is meaningless unless I walk the walk. Anyhow, something that just seemsRead more

Why You Need To Be Raising Your Standards In Life

Raising Your Standards In Life

Daily Blog #310 Life is nothing but a game. A direct representation of the standards that you and I hold not only for ourselves but also for the world around us as well. How do we live a mediocre life? By keeping the same standards that we currently hold. But how do we live theRead more

We Get In Life What We Tolerate

we get in life what we tolerate

Daily Blog #277 What we get in life exactly what we are willing to tolerate. Nothing more, and nothing less. Whatever we have in our life is what we tolerate ourselves to have. Wherever we are in life stems from where we tolerate ourselves to be. We think, we act, and we behave the wayRead more