I Have Always Hid From Pain… Until Now

hid from pain

What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, right? Isn’t that how the saying goes? Yeah, this was not a saying that I used to live by. It was more along the lines of “stay away from what could kill you, and only do things that you know you are capable of actually achieving.” NeedlessRead more

Just Be Happy In Life

just be happy

Just be happy and love your life. Ask yourself, is your life really that bad? Is your life really that bad to the point where you are willing to spend your only life focused on nothing but negativity? Why not try to create the life that you have always dreamed of? Why not strive toRead more

How Did I Get So Lucky In My Life?

how did i get so lucky

How did I get so lucky? Do you ever just wonder why things happen the way that they do in life? Do you ever just wonder what might have been the result if one simple thing in your life might have happened differently? Well, here we go with another deep post. Maybe you don’t getRead more

Regaining Happiness and Positivity In Life

regaining happiness and positivity

Getting back to happy Believe it or not, it is somewhat hard for me to write this. When I first started dealing with my struggles six years ago, even up until six months ago, I would have laughed so hard at myself for writing any of this. I would have called myself soft, a wimp,Read more

Embracing The Good And Eliminating The Ugly

embracing the good

Why you should be embracing the good. There has been something that I have always hated about fall. I don’t know if it is the fact that summer is now over and school has started, or if it was because the days become shorter and the nights become longer. Either way, fall has always beenRead more

Finding Happiness In The Little Things

Where did this long Memorial Day weekend go? It seems like just yesterday I was packing up my work bag and leaving the office eager for an extended weekend. I guess what they say really is true. When you are happy and having fun, time flys by. It was not as if anything major madeRead more