Do Something Good With What You Have

do something good

A meaningful life isn’t based on having more of the things that we want, but rather what we do with the things that we have.  Money, success, Rolex watches, business class plane tickets… while all of these things may sound fun and exciting to have, heck they may even bring a brief bout of momentaryRead more

Sometimes We Just Need To Vent

sometimes we just need to vent

Sometimes we just need to vent our emotions, and there is nothing wrong with that. I am sorry if this sounds like a lot of rambling, but welcome to the inside of my head. After a whirlwind of a week, things are finally starting to look up. The stress is easing, my mood is improving,Read more

If You Are Bored, Do Something Meaningful

do something meaningful

Do something meaningful Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or just surfing the web. These are all things that we do to pass the time. But why? When you are sitting there and doing nothing, you are simply just wasting your life away. The truth; if you are bored, you need to do something meaningful. Not whatRead more