Work Hard For What You Want

Why You Need to Work Hard For What You Want Nothing worth having in life comes easy or free. I am slowly, but surely learning this. Don’t get me wrong, I have been very blessed in my life, but I want more for myself. I am happy with where I am at, especially for myRead more

There Are Men With Eating Disorders Too – Opening Up

Men With Eating Disorders In the United States alone, one in three men will suffer from an eating disorder at some point in their life. Just how many is that? About 10 million males. With so many men being affected, we are still too scared to admit that we might have an issue. We haveRead more

Overcome Your Fear of Sharing Your Blog

How to overcome your fear of sharing your blog Hey guys, guess what? I have a blog. That’s right, a blog. The best part is that I don’t care who knows it. As soon as I am done publishing this post, I am actually going to share this with all of my social media sites.Read more

5 Rules To Win The Day

Here are the 5 rules to win the day, everyday I was driving to work this morning seeking a little extra motivation. Whenever I am looking for a little bit of a boost, I go right to my favorite podcast, Gary Vaynerchuk’s Audio Experience. The podcast that I chose to listen to was 5 RulesRead more

Being Human & Admitting Your Weaknesses

The importance of admitting your weaknesses and growing as an individual I used to bottle up all of my emotions inside of my head. There was always this thought in my head that if I told people what I was really thinking, then I would be judged beyond belief. It wasn’t until I was inRead more

Only You Can Chase Your Dreams

Only you can chase your dreams and make them a reality If you are struggling to find some motivation to start your week off, let me help you. Get off your butt, do something beneficial for yourself, and chase your ambitions. Sorry, I didn’t mean to be so harsh, but let’s be serious. You needRead more

The Most Important People In My Life

Why my parents are the most important people in my life This past weekend, I was blessed enough to be able to go to Las Vegas and experience the city that never sleeps. But I didn’t just “go” to Las Vegas, I got to experience Las Vegas like I was a freaking king. I’m talkingRead more

The Best Way To Spend Time To Be Happy

Alright, so today’s post is going to be short and simple and right to the point. I want to live a happy life and lead by example, so that is my reasoning behind today’s shorter post. The best way to spend time to be happy is to be with the people that you love theRead more

Happy One Month Blog Anniversary

Well, to be honest I did not think that I would get this far. One month of blogging every single day. The time, the dedication, the commitment… I am freaking proud of myself. I thought that blogging was going to be something that I would lose interest and give up after one or two weeksRead more

Winners Focus on Winning, Losers Focus on Winners

If you want to be a winner, focus on winning.  Life is full of comparisons. As a society, we have learned that it is acceptable to compare our lives to the individual lives of others. It has become a constant battle of who can be the best and who can act like the best. WhoRead more