One Entire Year of Blogging Daily – Here’s Why I Did It

one entire year of blogging daily

Daily Blog #365 Well, here we are. I did it. Actually, we did it. One entire year of blogging daily. If it were not for everybody supporting me along my journey, I would probably not be here writing this today. So for that, I want to thank each and every person who is reading this.Read more

The Number One Way To Completely Change Your Life

completely change your life

Daily Blog #300 Everybody wants to change. It seems like no matter what we have, we always want something different. Maybe you are living a boring life and have the desire for a more adventurous life – a life of spontaneous decision making, and a life with very little commitment. Or maybe your life isRead more

Avoiding Pain Is Avoiding To Live

avoiding pain and suffering

Daily Blog #299 As I have been reading a few of my more recent blog posts this morning, I have realized that a lot of them involve acknowledging pain or suffering. And for someone who is seeking endless amounts of happiness and positivity in their life, I will be the first to admit that anyRead more

The Benefits Of Being Rejected

Hidden benefits of being rejected

Daily Blog #298 Here’s the truth, whether you know it or not, rejection is going to make your life better. It’s strange to think about, right! How can something negative make our lives better? Well, for many reasons. Rejection doesn’t just test our belief in ourselves, it also takes away all of the entitlement thatRead more

What I Am Doing To Change My Life

simple tips to change my life

Daily Blog #297 I realize that a lot of my writing is directed towards things that I believe will help us to live a better life. Things like never giving up on ourselves, doing good for others, following our dreams, ect. But I have also realized that while I am writing about my beliefs, sometimesRead more

How To Accept Failure & Disappointment

Accept Failure and Disappointment

Daily Blog #295 I started writing daily nearly ten months ago. Personally, I find it crazy to think that it has already been that long and that I haven’t given up. At the time when I started to write on a daily basis, I was at a low point in my life. I was failingRead more

Are We Ever Going To Be Right In Life?

are we ever going to be right

Daily Blog #294 There are fewer things that I dislike in my life than being wrong. Things like being wrong about my decisions, making the wrong choices, spending time with the wrong people. Let’s face it, though, who in their right mind would ever want to ever be wrong? Always being right means that weRead more

You Are Responsible For The Life You Live

responsible for the life you live

Daily Blog #293 Whether you know it or not, you are responsible for every little thing that has happened to you in life, and for every little thing that will continue to happen to you in your life. Yep, both good and bad, you are responsible. And the sooner that you come to terms withRead more

How To Manage Your Negative Emotions

how to manage your negative emotions

Daily Blog #292 As much as the next person does, I absolutely hate negative emotions. I hate waking up on certain days not really feeling like myself, but rather, being in a mood that I have come to know as a “funk.” I hate facing adversity and having to embrace my fears head on becauseRead more

A Better Life Awaits You – You Just Need To Reach For It

a better life awaits you

Daily Blog #291 Yep, you read it correctly. A better life awaits you. How do you get it? You just need to be willing to reach out and grab it. If you haven’t quite figured it out yet, I am all about finding ways to live a better life each and every day. And rightfullyRead more