How To Break Habits For The Better

how to break habits for the better

All of my life I have been a creature of habit. When I say that I like a certain routine, I mean it. If I get caught in a routine, I will follow that routine like a religion, and any unexpected variation to that routine will be enough to leave me feeling like my worldRead more

4 Steps That Will Help You To Break Bad Habits

4 Steps That Will Help You To Break Bad Habits In yesterday’s post, I talked about the negative habits that have consumed my life for the last five years. After taking a day off and just resetting mentally and emotionally, I am happy to say that I have been making small strides to break theseRead more

The Most Important Step To Breaking Bad Habits: Admitting

Breaking bad habits will lead to a better lifestyle Yeah, this is going to be a tough entry to write. Right now, I really do not care about grammar or anything, I just need to get these words off of my chest. Five years ago, I started exercising and watching what I ate. That wasRead more