You Will Never Know If You Never Try

you will never know if you never try

Its simple, you will never know if you never try Trying new things in life is scary. Trust me, I know. Everyday I struggle with breaking habits and trying to get out of my comfort zone. Sometimes, I want to crawl out of my own skin when I think about change. Other times, I realizeRead more

I Am Simply Blessed Beyond Belief

blessed beyond belief

Understanding that you are blessed beyond belief This weekend was another one for the books. No matter what happened, nothing could bring my mood down. I say this over and over, but it is because I mean it. My blog has truly made me a much happier person. Just being able to write down myRead more

The Greatest Feeling Ever: Helping Others In Need

helping others in need

The importance of helping others in need Do you want to know what is the greatest feeling ever? Forget having thousands of dollars or the newest car on the market. The greatest feeling ever comes from helping others in need. There is just that satisfaction that you get when you know that you are doingRead more

We Need To Stop Taking Life So Seriously

stop taking life so seriously

Why we need to stop taking life so seriously That’s it, I am just going to speak from the heart and write what is on my mind. Recently, I have been trying to force topics out of my head and have been putting massive amounts of stress on myself. That is not how I wantRead more

Start To Execute Your Dreams

start to execute your dreams

To achieve your dreams, start to execute your dreams Listen, if there is anything that I could tell you when it comes to chasing your dreams, it would be to start chasing them right now. Screw waiting one more day, start right now. It is similar to what I said in To Start Living LifeRead more

Take Responsibility For Your Actions

take responsibility for your actions

Why you need to take responsibility for your actions While I try to spread a message of motivation, inspiration, and positivity, I am far from perfect. There are many times that I get frustrated and let my emotions get the best of me. Before I started writing my daily blog, my negative emotions were consumingRead more

How To Quit Feeling Sorry For Yourself

How To Quit Feeling Sorry For Yourself

How to quit feeling sorry for yourself Today was a cold and rainy day in Minnesota. On these days, I am always tired when the sun is covered by clouds. It seems that no matter how many cups of coffee I drink, I just can’t wake up. Normally I am a pretty happy and optimisticRead more

To Start Living Life To The Fullest, Just Do It

start living life to the fullest

If you want to start living life to the fullest, just do it If you would have asked me six months ago what I thought about my life, I would have smiled and told you that everything was perfect. While I truly do believe that I have the best life ever, we all know thatRead more

5 Ways To Believe In Yourself & Achieve Your Dreams

ways to believe in yourself

The best ways to believe in yourself & start to achieve your dreams If you truly want to be successful in chasing your dreams and aspirations, you are going to need to be believe in yourself and your decisions. The more that we believe in ourselves, the more capable we are of achieving anything thatRead more

What My Dad Means To Me: Happy Father’s Day

what my dad means to me

What my dad means to me Mr. Flippin’ P. At least this is what my mom calls him. Mr. P is short for Mr. Perfect. If you know my dad, you would know how fitting of a nickname this actually is. In my eyes, there are only two superheroes on this planet, my mom andRead more