Suffocate Your Excuses To Find Happiness & Success

suffocate your excuses

suffocate your excuses

Suffocate Your Excuses

How committed are you to establishing a better future for yourself? I think it is fair to assume that we all want to be the best individuals that we can be. But in order to be the best individual that you can be, you have to constantly push yourself to become better. You have to be willing to put in the work and the effort to do whatever it takes to create a better life and future for yourself. Mainly, you have to suffocate your excuses.

I don’t have time, I don’t look good enough, I don’t have enough money. These are excuses that we have all heard before. In fact, we have all most likely used them ourselves. But let’s face it, we make excuses because we are either lazy, selfish, lack interest, or all of these. If you want something bad enough, you will stop at no ends. Everything that me, you, and the rest of the world does is a reflection of how hard we are willing to work.

Personally, I believe that we make excuses out of fear. It’s not the fact because of the fact that we don’t have time, we just don’t want to make time. When it comes to money, we all have the opportunity to go out there and make money, it’s just that we are too lazy to work. My favorite excuse, I am scared because I will fail.

No matter how large of a challenge you face facing, never let fear consume your thoughts or prevent you from doing something. Failure will never stop us from preventing our dreams. In fact, it will probably help us succeed because we will learn what not to do. What will stop us from achieving our dreams though, is either never starting to pursue them, or giving up on them. Instead of quitting or never even starting, own up to your mistakes, suffocate your excuses, and go after your dreams.

If you want to be happy and successful, you truly need to find your passion and suffocate your excuses. Find that thing(s) that truly means the world to you, and do whatever it takes until you reach the desired outcome. You will not need to make excuses to chase your passion because you will never be able to get enough of it. Once you have found the feeling of where you can’t get enough, that is when you know that you have found your passion and your purpose. Take that feeling and run with it. Give it everything you have and let it lead to your happiness and success.

In my life, I am passionate about spreading a message about motivation and positivity. We are all better than we think and we are capable of much more than we do. My goal is to help everyone realize their true potential. There is no excuse that can stand in the way of me and spreading my message because I am that passionate about it. I don’t do it for the money or for the fame. I focus on motivation and positivity because it is simply all that I can think about. It is what gets me out of bed in the morning and drives me to go live my life.

When we make excuses, we are not only giving up on our dreams, but we are giving up on ourselves. We are basically telling ourselves that we are not good enough before we even start the chase. Greatness does not come from quitting. Greatness comes from failing, getting right back up, and trying again. So don’t let some lame excuse stop you from achieving your dreams, go out there and suffocate your excuses. Once you suffocate your excuses, that is when you will find your true happiness and purpose in life.

Michael Bonnell



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