How To Stop Wasting Your Life Away

stop wasting your life away
stop wasting your life away

It’s Monday afternoon, and as I am sitting here at work, part of me is feeling empty. Not going to lie, I really don’t want to be here. While I love the company that I work for, the job itself has become far too repetitive and unfulfilling for me. I feel, though, as if I am wasting my life away. 

I know that my life is not a waste, and that for the most part, my job allows me to live the lifestyle that I desire. But I simply don’t feel fulfilled like I once did. I don’t enjoy my job as much as I did when I first started, and I am fully certain that it isn’t what I want to be doing with the rest of my life. We all grow and we all change. For me, well, I feel as if it’s time for me to move on, to test my abilities, and to take that chance on myself. 

We all feel this way at some point or another. You know, the feeling of settling, the feeling of getting overly comfortable with our surroundings, and the feeling of being content.

The thing is, though, if we do not take chances on ourselves and venture out, we are simply wasting our lives. It’s too easy to sit back and complain about how unfulfilled we may feel, but it’s another thing to actually do something about it. 

This is the reality that I have had to face recently, and now I thought I’d share some tips that have helped me to quit feeling like I am wasting my life.

stop wasting your life away

How To Stop Wasting Your Life Away

1. Quit Complaining

We all complain when things don’t go our way. Life’s not fair, our boss hates us, if only we weren’t so busy. You get the idea. 

Here’s the thing about complaining though… it doesn’t do you any good. Sure, it makes you feel better about your current situation, but it is not going to solve any of your problems. If you want something in life, you need to go after it with everything you have until you have achieved exactly what it is that you want. 

2. Take A Chance On Yourself

Without taking a chance on yourself, you are never going to know what you are truly capable of achieving. It’s like the saying “If you want something that you don’t currently have, then you need to do something that you aren’t currently doing.” 

3. Be Willing To Work

“Nothing worth having in life comes easy, and nothing that comes easy in life is worth having.”

You are also going to have to be willing to work for what it is that you want in life. If you aren’t willing to take a chance on yourself and commit to the success that you envision for yourself, then it is never going to come. Through blood, sweat, and tears, you need to keep going with everything that you have, otherwise, your desires will never become your reality. 

4. Focus On What Matters To You

This was probably the biggest realization for me, but if you really want to stop wasting your life away, then start focusing on what matters to you. Start doing more of the things that make you feel fulfilled, and less of the things that you feel you should be doing just because you think it’s what others want you to be doing. 

The life that you are living is your life to live. It doesn’t matter what your parents want you to do in life, what your friends want you to do, or what your significant other wants you to do. If you want to live a meaningful and fulfilled life, then you need to be doing exactly what it is that you want to do.

5. Stop Focusing On Your Failures

If you aren’t failing, then you aren’t trying hard enough. Failure isn’t always a bad thing. It means that you are challenging yourself, that you are taking opportunities, and that you are never comfortable being in the same as you were the previous day. All of these are characteristics of making the most of life. 

6. Quit Caring About What Others Think

Nothing is as big of a waste of time as caring about what others think about you. Trust me, coming from someone who cared for nearly 25 years of their life, yeah, a big waste of time. You are you and that is your greatest power. Be your unique self, love yourself for who you are, and let your light shine. If you don’t love yourself for the person you are, then how do you expect others to? 

Final Thoughts

This truly is the one life that you and I are ever going to get to live. Why waste any amount of time knowing that we will never get it back? 

Life isn’t about being perfect. It’s about being the best that you can be, and striving to be better tomorrow than you were today. So stop wasting your life away, focus on being the best that you can be, and follow all of your wildest dreams!

Michael Bonnell


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