Stop Doing Sh*t That Won’t Benefit You

stop doing sh*t that won't benefit you
stop doing sh*t that won't benefit you

We all have dreams that we want to achieve throughout the course of our lives. We all have a vision in our minds exactly how we want our life to look. But for some reason, we don’t follow the truth that already lies within us.

Instead, we follow the vision in which we are not forced to make decisions or to take action. We follow the vision of how society teaches us to live, to stray away from judgement and failure, and to play it safe and secure.

Have you ever noticed, though, that empty feeling in your stomach? That feeling of knowing that what you are doing is not adding any benefit to your life. Shurly I’m not the only person who has questioned the purpose of their life in the past. But that’s what happens when you live a life in which you aren’t necessarily doing the things that you want to be doing, you question yourself, the purpose of your life, your value, and your life in its entirety.

I spent years seeking only the approval of others. I wanted money so that I could be viewed as successful, and most of all, I simply wanted the attention and acceptance of my peers. It wasn’t the life that I wanted to be living, but I was still gambling everything away, including my own happiness, just to be liked. With that, it’s no wonder why I felt so empty with very little belief in myself.

A word from the wise, stop doing sh*t that won’t benefit you.

If there is one thing, just one important lesson that I want you to take away from all of the mistakes that I have made in my life, it is to live your life how you want to live it. As long as you are not causing harm to yourself or to others, then there is no right or wrong way to live.

The life that you are living, yeah, it’s the only one that you are going to get to live. Ever. Once you die, and you will at some point, everything is over. You won’t get any more time to chase your dreams, and you won’t get any more time to achieve the things that you desire. It’s all over. So why waste even another second of it?

What I am trying to say is something that I wish I would have learned a lot earlier in life, and it’s something that I have already said. Follow your dreams, and stop doing sh*t that won’t benefit you. You have no more time to waste in the precious time that you have left.

Whatever you want to do in your life, you need to start doing it. No questions asked, no excuses made, just go.

If you want to run a marathon, then start training right now. Sitting around and reading my about my thoughts isn’t necessarily helping you. Sure, it may be giving you an extra boost of motivation or inspiration, but these mean nothing unless you actually take the initiative to act on what it is that you want to achieve.

Nothing in life is ever going to be given to you, and if it is given to you, then it isn’t worth having. If you truly want to live a meaningful and fulfilled life, a life in which you are proud to call yours, then you need to work towards achieving the things that you desire. Not what your family wants you to achieve, not what your friends want you to achieve, but what YOU want to achieve.

Think about what it is that you want to accomplish in life. Now, ask yourself if the things that you are doing on a daily basis are helping you to achieve the things that you desire, or are they consuming all of your energy and creativity without benefiting you?

If the things that you are doing on a daily basis are not benefiting you and bringing you closer towards the things that you desire, then you need to stop doing them. Nobody else can achieve your desires for you, and if you truly want them badly enough, then you need to find a way to achieve them.

My number one dream right now is to travel and write. More importantly, though, I want to inspire. I want to share things that I wish I would have learned a lot sooner in life in hopes that it might be of value to somebody else. So what I am doing here, this is benefiting me and bring me closer to my desires. And because I am not going to give up on myself or on my dreams, it is because of that in which I know that I will achieve everything that I wish to achieve.

This is it. This is the one and only life that you are ever going to get to live, so quit wasting even another second of it. Stop doing sh*t that won’t benefit you, and work to achieve each and every one of your goals because that’s the only way that they will ever become your reality.

Michael Bonnell



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