Why We Need To Stop Comparing Ourselves: Comparison Is The Thief Of All Joy

stop comparing ourselves

stop comparing ourselves

Stop Comparing Ourselves: Comparison Is The Thief Of All Joy

Job titles, social status, money, cars, homes, looks. These are just some of the things that a lot of us compare in life. We think that in order to be happy in life, we need to be the best and we need to have the best. But let’s face it. Happiness and success does not come from having any of the fancy things in life. Happiness and success comes when we stop comparing ourselves to others, and when we start living our own life. When we start loving ourselves for who we are, and when we start appreciating ourselves.  

As I was scrolling through Instagram this morning, I found myself constantly landing on the same page. It was one of those “best of” pages. You know, the pages that show people sitting on the hoods of their Ferrari’s, laying in piles of money, or inside some of the worlds nicest houses. As I was scrolling through the images, I am not going to lie, I was getting a little jealous. I kept telling myself that the people in the images were living the life and wondered why they were so much more successful and happier than me.

I just sat there for a few moments and reflected. Within a few minutes, I went from being completely happy, to feeling slightly disappointed. Why? All because I was comparing my entire life to the highlights of social media.

The thing that we all need to remember is that social media lies. None of us use social media to capture the events of our everyday life. We don’t use social media to show the world that we are having bad days. Simply because we don’t want others to see the negatives in our lives… When I use social media, I want others to see the amazing life that I am living. I want them to see all of my friends, what I do on the weekends, and just the best parts of my life. That is something that not only I do, but we all do. We all share the most exciting parts of our lives because we want to feel more important. We have come to justify happiness and success by how many likes and followers we get.

So while we might want our lives to replicate the lives of the individuals in the photos, we will never know what their life is actually like. We don’t know if the people in the photos actually owned the houses or cars, or if it was even their money. We don’t know if people in the photos are actually happy when they aren’t just doing it for the looks. They can be completely miserable off camera, but fake a happy look on camera to gain a higher level of social status. We just don’t know.

After I reflected for a few minutes, I decided that it was better to stay off of instagram for the day. I don’t need the highs of others to bring me down in life. My life is amazing just the way it is. I have a family that I love, a job I enjoy, and I have love for myself. If you ask me, these are truly what defines happiness and success. I would much rather have a middle class life that I love as opposed to having millions of dollars and being miserable.

See, we all need to stop comparing ourselves to the lives of others. As much as we want might to be LeBron James, Tiger Woods, or Casey Neistat we will never will be. But they will never be me or you either. We are all blessed in our own way, and we all have our own strengths. Money and fame will never bring long-term happiness or individual success. What will bring happiness and success is our ability to love ourselves, and to follow our dreams in life. Once we stop comparing ourselves, I promise, life will be much more enjoyable to live.

Michael Bonnell



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