5 Ways To Stop Caring About What Others Think Of You

stop caring about what others think
stop caring about what others think
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Do you want to stop caring about what others think of you?

Let’s face it, we love to be accepted at anything that we do in life. Being accepted makes us feel important, and there are very few things that we crave more than the feeling of being important. So much so, in fact, that we are willing to abandon our true identity for the sake of being accepted by those around us. 

The things that we do in our spare time, the words that we speak, the way that we act, and the way that we dress are all influenced by our desire to be accepted by others.

Think about it. How often do you go out of your way just to try and please others? How often do you think about losing a few pounds and hope that somebody recognizes your hard work and maybe compliments you for it? How often are you too afraid to tell people what you actually do for a profession because it doesn’t sound “interesting” or “exciting?”  

What we completely fail to realize, though, is that we will never be accepted by everybody. No matter how hard we try, no matter how talented we are, and no matter what we do there are always going to be people out there who will just never like us. 

And yet, instead of living our life to the absolute fullest, we find ourselves caring about what others think and wasting away the one life that we get to live. We take the judgment of others to heart until it consumes us. 

Is it worth it? Absolutely not!

From somebody who spent years of their life caring about what others think, I will be the first to tell you that it isn’t worth it. This is your one chance at life and you need to make the most of it. The only opinion of yourself that matters is your own. 

Here are 5 tips that I believe will help you to stop caring about what others think of you so that you can get back to living a better and happier life.

1. Find The Root Of The Problem

Ask yourself why you care? Why do you want to be accepted so badly by others? Is it because you want to be liked more, or just because you want more attention? 

To be honest, people don’t care what you do as much as you think they do. You are never going to be liked by everyone, so doesn’t it make more sense to have people not like you for the amazing person that you already are, instead of having people not like you for being somebody you’re trying to be? I mean, if you are not going to be liked by everyone the way it is, why put in the extra work being someone your not? 

2. Trust Yourself

One of the main reasons for caring about what others think is because we don’t trust ourselves enough. We are not clear and direct with our decisions, and we rely on others to determine our actions.

When you start to trust yourself, you won’t need to approval of others to justify the things you do in your life. You will be able to start making more decisions on yourself, start taking more chances on yourself, and you will start finding more happiness from not caring about what others think of you. Remember, you are you and that is your greatest power.

3. Know What You Want In Life

Don’t allow your life to be controlled by the dreams that others have for you. This is your one life and you need to live it how you see fit. 

If you want to be an artist, be an artist. If you want to be a musician, be a musician. If you want to be a lawyer, then be a lawyer. But do it for you, and not because you want to please others. Everybody else has their own life to live, and you need to live yours how you see fit. 

4. Do What Is Best For You

As Gary Vaynerchuk says, “Doing the right thing is always the right thing.” And the right things in life are the things that you have control over.

No matter what, you have to do what is best for you, and you have to do whatever it is that will get you from the life that you are living right now to living the life that you dream of living. 

You may not be able to control the opinions of others, but you can control how you react to their opinions and how those opinions impact your life. You can also control your actions and the opportunities that you create for yourself.

5. Believe In Yourself and Love Yourself

Why wouldn’t you?

No matter what anybody else thinks about you, always believe in yourself and love yourself for the amazing person that you are. If you aren’t willing to believe in yourself and love yourself for the amazing person that you are, how can you expect others to?

Give yourself some compliments, take care of your body, emphasize the importance of positive thinking. Whether you think you can or can’t you’re right. 

I got to tell you, my life today is so much better than it has ever been, and a lot of that is attributed to the fact that I care far less about what others think of me than I used to. 

I’m not going to say that I don’t take anything to heart, because we all know that would be a lie, but I know what I am worth and I know what I am capable of achieving. With this mindset, there isn’t anything that I can’t achieve. 

I truly believe that these 5 tips will help you to stop caring about what others think of you and get you back to living the beautiful life that you were gifted. Go and enjoy every minute of it, and never take yourself for granted. 

Michael Bonnell



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